Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Our Liver's!!!!!

Did you know that your liver has 500 jobs!!!!!!
Well your liver is the biggest organ in your body.It lives on your right hand side of your body.It also warms your blood and it sorts out all the food in your body and stalls all the vitamins and minerals and the fat that you need.The liver and the gallbladder work together so they can ooze out the bile.One more fact ,your liver is also the size of a small melon.

Its Snowing

This is a surprise for me,because I thought that it only snows three times in a century.
It is really wicked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People think that New Zealand never snows ,but it really does.It only snows 3 times in a century.I thought that is hales in New Zealand not snows.It was all over the news.I just can't believe that it hasn't snowed in 50 years.Oh well that was a adventure for New Zealand.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rugby History

The first rugby balls were made out of pig bladders.It was unhygienic , so they cut the top of the smoking pipe and used the rest of the smoking pipe to blow the bladder up . The balls were an oval shape,because It depended on the size of the pig .The balls were none standard sizes.When the ball smelt so disgusting they threw it away and got another pigs bladder.

In the late 1800’s big side was invented. It is a combination of soccer and rugby.You could only catch the ball when it was airborne,but you could kick it anywhere,and kick for a goal.The only thing is ,when you kick the ball you had to kick it under the cross bar.It was still tricky because there were people obstructing the goal .Also running was not allowed.

This is a rugby ball in 1851 you can see it above the writing.,r:5,s:24

Monday, August 1, 2011

Keep Your Eye On The Ball!!!!!!!

Have you ever had a stadium in your school? Well Mr Burt was so kind enough to get food and hand it out at our Immersion Assembly, where we find out what our new topic is. But you only got food if you got a ticket by sitting up nicely!!!!!!! It was so cool .

As I got closer and closer I heard a voice saying “Ireland”I couldn’t believe that it was Mr J .He was the one who was chanting it .

Turning off the music, Mr.Burt said, “Good morning ladies and gentle men our theme is going to be the Rugby World Cup." I was so excited because I wanted to learn about the Rugby World Cup.

Starting the fun off Team one sang a song.It was an All-Black’s song..I think it made the little kids laugh.

Next up it was team 2's turn to shine.They also sang a song and it had the All Blacks, English and Samoan rugby players as singers (It was the teachers who were dressed up as them though).It was mostly like a chant.

Team three had a Weet-Bix challenge.The challenger had to put their arms behind their back and their partner had to feed them.The aim of the game was to finish your bowl of Weet-Bix first.Mostly all of the challengers Weet-Bix went on there faces. I think it would of be fun to do that.

Oh this one is my favourite. It was team four .They had 2 little cute videos. One was about George Nepia, I think he was a rugby legend. The second video was funny because Mr.Somerville acted like he was George Nepia.I've got to say he’s quite a funny actor.

I felt so awake after that cool assembly.I can't wait to learn about this term's topic.