Friday, May 16, 2014

Swimming at G.I Aquatic Centre

Drowning is the most common injury and cause of death not just in New Zealand but in many other countries. Up to 180 kids in New Zealand die every year because they were unable to swim.

To ensure that we don’t end up in the New Zealand statistics Class 1 have been focusing on getting better at swimming. So every week from Tuesdays to Fridays we walk down to our local Glen Innes Aquatic Centre and get special lessons. We are all split up into 2 groups, confident and not so confident.

I’m in the Confident group, which is group 2 and for the first lesson of swimming Natasha ( our swimming instructor)  gave us a couple of warm up drills to get our blood flowing. After doing 2 laps of backstroke we started to do the side stroke, breathing on our left arm and stroking with our right arm. After learning some different techniques we then had a competition on who could hold their breath the longest. At 2:50pm we all hopped out and got out of out of our togs ready to head back to school.  

I've most definitely improved in my swimming skills, and now know that drowning isn't even a possibility for me, and I hope that these swimming lessons will help me when I’m in a bad situation in the future.

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