Friday, September 30, 2011


The smurfs!!!
They rock but their kind of weird because their skin is blue but it doesn't matterI love the smurfs..Especially  Papa smurf,Gutsy  smurf,and Clumsy.Grouchy smurf  is very angry,Smurfette is pretty,Papa smurf is funny and always happy  ,Brainy smurf is brainy,Clumsy smurf is cute and clumsy,and last but not least Gutsy smurf is sometimes mean  but funny.Oh one more thing try and name the smurfs on the picture below.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Samoa's National Anthem

As you may see 

there are lyrics of samoa's national anthem.
below the national anthem is the English
translation.You can sing along if you no it.
One more thing,
GO SAMOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Samoa, tula'i ma sisi ia lau fu'a, lou pale lea;


Vaai i na fetu o loo ua agiagia ai;

Le faailoga lea o Iesu na maliu ai mo Samoa Oi!

Samoa e, uu mau lau pule ia faavavau.

'Aua e te fefe, o le Atua lo ta fa'a vae

O lota Sa'o lotoga,

Samoa, tu'la'i, ia agiagia lau

Fu'a lou pale lea.


Samoa, arise and raise your banner that is your crown!

Oh! see and behold the stars on the waving banner!

They are a sign that Samoa is able to lead.

Oh! Samoa, hold fast

Your freedom for ever!

Do not be afraid; as you are founded on God;

Our treasured precious liberty.

Samoa, arise and wave

Your banner that is your crown!




Safety first thats what my mum always says.I think that turning off all electrical appliances is safe.You must NOT and I mean NOT keep you smokes of anything that can make a fire near children.

Saving Valentina

This emotional ,beautiful,video shows a whale stuck in nylon net,and it can't
                                        get out.How would you feel?  
Whale researcher, Michael Fishbach and his family motored out over the glassy water of the Sea of Cortez in their small runabout. They were out making whale observations, unaware that soon they would help save the life of one of the world’s most magnificent creatures, a humpback whale.

Humpback whales are known for their moans, howls, cries, and other noises, which travel through   the oceans of the  world .  It is like  humpbacks sing to communicate with other  sea creatures .

Sighting a humpback whale floating motionless, researcher Michael Fishbach went to see why it wasn’t swimming.  The whale made no sign of life.

Michael dived in the cold water to see what was wrong. That was when they discovered that the whale was severely tangled in a fishing net.The whale was frighten and fatigued so even though the whale was tangled it was still potentially dangerous.

After noticing the dangerous accident,Micheal fish bach decided to call for  some  help. Unfortunately they said they would be there in a hour ,but it was too long to wait .With no other way to free the whale they had to use one small knife.With the whales upper body wrapped up in nylon,it try-ed to get out which made it worse.

With a hour of hard,exhausting work the whale happily swam away and done 40 breaches and tale slaps showing its thank-yous to Micheal Fisbach and I've course Michael's  family.It was probably her  valentines gift to Micheal Fisbach and Michael's  family.It probably was a magnificent. 

HOPE YOU LIKED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

X FACTOR!!!!!!!!!!

The X Factor
is a British Television music competition ,and it is to find new singing talent.Then they win money and become famous by recording albums just like Beyonce and all those other stars. It began in September 2004 and is contested by aspiring singers drawn from public auditions. The person he won the latest X factor was Altian Child's,but he wasted his coaches time who was Ronan Patrick John Keating and he was in Boy Zone.
This years prize is 5 MILLION DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and recording albums with there coach. I think i all ready know who's gonna win and that is Melanie Amour
SHE ROCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 19, 2011


Have you ever heard Charice Pempego sing ,well she is so awesome.You may see that she is on glee too. She is a very good actor too. I am her NUMBER ONE FAN!!!!!!
If I had the chance to see her I would scream my head off and be excited like how she was excited if she saw Celine Dion. I am also like Charice in that  I LOVE Celine Dion too.She is so AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

Here Is a link for Charice singing the first song she learnt which I've course is one of Celine Dions song.This is called Titanic, it is very entertaining.
Watch It!!!!!

Monday, September 12, 2011


As soon  as the bell rang, I started jumping up and down. Screaming in a happy way I was so excited. I sprinted  inside ,then  quickly and nervously got changed into my Takitimu coloured T-Shirt.
   When I  got to the courts I sat down and after a few minutes we headed down to the reserve. Hearing the three words READY, SET, GO, I sprinted off keeping at one pace. Passing the bridge I  saw the 8 yr old girls just 2 minutes away from the little bridge .
    With senior kids cheering me  on it made me feel awesome.
  Reaching the 1k line  I had a very big smile. I started slowing down and so did my arms and legs. At that point I was walking. I was not happy so kept telling my self finish that race, finish that race, finish that race. With burning lungs I tiredly wanted to finish the race  off properly. So with a burst of speed I sprinted tiredly to the finish line.
My favorite part about cross country is the running, but who knows I might hate it one day.