Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My Avatar

In our classroom ( Whanau Panuba, Classes 1 & 5) have a self management levelling board. On our board we have to choose between 3 levels, depending on how well we're able to manage ourselves and stay on task. Level 1 - I need help managing myself. Level 2 - I'm able to manage myself but can get off task and Level 3 - I am able to manage myself inside and outside the classroom.

We not only had to recreate our avatar but we also had to incorporate our house colour in some way. As yu can obviously see I'm in Taki-Timu. I've leveled myself at level 3, because I know I'm able to stay on task without the teacher reminding me, and I'm able to work efficiently with anyone. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Term 4 Day 1

Although I started term 4 off a little late, so far so good, As I walked into my class, to me it was totally different. It seemed like everything had changed, yet again. After finding out that Class 1 and Class 5 had merged to make one big class, I realized that we no longer would have just 2 but 3 teachers. 

This big change is not only a good way to start off the term but is also a good way to end a good year. Hopefully everyone adapt to this big change and is able to get along. Fingers crossed this term turns out as planned.