Monday, December 1, 2014

My Own Symbol/Tattoo

Lately in extension, we've been learning about symbolism, meanings, and the Samoan Tatau or as some people know it as the Pe'a. After researching and learning a lot about symbolism etc we were then given a mini project, to create/design our own tattoo's. One would symbolise any one part of our culture or heritage and the other had to represent ourselves. 

As you can see I've drawn five heads, representing Mark ( my dad), Mena (my mum), Kane and Caleb (my two older brothers), and last but not least me. The reason on why I've drawn them is because to me family is everything, it means the world to me, and it's something that is very close to my heart.

Then above my family I've drawn 2 kilikiti (cricket) bats that are meant to represent my Grandfather, Falana’ipupu Sola Mefiposeta Maea Tele'a. I chose to use the Kilikiti bats as a symbol for my grandfather because Samoan Cricket was his passion, coming in 2nd equal with Church and always having family 1st. It wasn't something that he enjoyed on his own, he'd always get the whole family involved, making my brothers and cousins learn the proper way on how to make a kilikiti bat. And the reason I put them above my family because the bats are meant to be protecting our family like a shield, constantly watching over us.

First of all as you can see I've drawn an Island, which is meant to represent the wonderful Islands of Samoa. Mainly because I'm 3/4 samoan, from both my Mum and Dad.

Then I've drawn the Irish Clover or as most people know it as, a Shamrock. Its meant to represent my Irish side,from my Mum's dad whom was born and grew up in Dublin, Ireland. Sadly I’ve never really acknowledged being part Irish, mostly because I grew up with only 1 grandfather who was part Samoan, German. After realising and finding out a lot more about my culture I now that I should be proud of being Samoan and Irish because it’s who I am.

In conclusion I’ve learnt that before getting a tattoo it’s something to really think about, because it’s permanent, and its something you don’t want to jump to conclusions because it maybe something you’ll regret. I’ve also learnt that not all people get tattoos for cosmetic reasons, they mainly get them to either have a constant reminder of something or someone that’s very close to their heart.

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  1. Malo lava Jorja. I have enjoyed reading where this project has led you with your learning this term. Your explanations for your designs are written well and help me to understand why these particular symbols were selected. Jorja you have so much potential to do even more in the years to come. I look forward to finding out here what you get up to in 2015. Malo lava le taumafai.


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