Sunday, October 2, 2011

X-FACTOR Poem!!!!

Do you have the X-FACTOR?

X Factor
Amazing singing
Cool t-v show
Talented young people
Original t-v show
Really entertaining


  1. Hi Jorja I really like your poem about X factor I watch it at home. The Girl I like in the X factor is Rachael Crow she is the best Keep it up

    from Raeleen.

  2. Hey Jorja,
    I like your poem about X-Factor. I really like watching all the amazing singers! Maybe you could have added a bit about who you like? Anyway great poem!

  3. Hey Jorja,
    I liked your poem about the X-Factor
    it was awesome.Maybe you need to put a bit more detail into your story,any ways it was great BYE!!!


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