Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Interesting And Funny Weekend!!!

Jumping with excitement I overheard my mum and dad saying that we were going to have a  BIG family dinner!When we have big family dinners it’s not just a 7 people it’s like with like 11 people!!!! Now on with the story.

When  arriving at home from Pak’n Save my brothers and I cleaned up the house so that when the visitors come it’s clean.After cleaning I helped my mum with cooking.My mum and I cooked Roasted chicken with onion, peas, carrots, corn , gravy, and lastly my mum’s delicious poatato bake .

When all my family had arrived  , we sat down and watched  Ireland vs The All Blacks.Mostly everyone in my family went for the All Blacks , but I went for Ireland. When the game had finished dinner was ready.

Everyone sat down at the table and did the l prayer.When we had finished doing the prayer my dad said to everyone ”Well don’t just stand there dig in”.When I was sitting down on the table my little cousin Liliana who is 2 was watching me eating, so I asked her if she wanted something to eat and what do you know she was hungry!!

Finally after dinner more of my  cousins arrived.We were all bored so we played a game called Blinds Men Bluff.Ok so if you're wondering what Blinds Men Bluff is it is when you have a blindfold and you put it over someone's head so that they can’t see.So  that’s what my brother had to do.

Ok, so my brother said to everyone clearly  to not run around or move in the game , and to not throw anything .Unfortunately we didn’t listen , and that caused an accident. My silly cousin Natascha was on the bed trying to run away from my brother Caleb , my brother must have pushed her which made her push the window out which caused it to crack.My mum and dad said that we had learnt our lesson to never play in the rooms again.

At the end of the night I had learnt my lesson, but to tell the truth I really did enjoy myself. Every time my family come over I really enjoy it and always have fun.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ruatapu's Revenge

I have been reading the journal story Ruatapu’s Revenge retold by Hone Taumaunu. In the end Ruatapu turns into a taniwha, and Paikea rides on a whale to find a new land - Aotearoa.
These are the 2 pictures I have drawn in tux paint.The top one is of Paikea on a whale and the one below that is of Ruatapu who has turned into a taniwha.

Monday, June 18, 2012

My Arcimboldo Replica

Here is my Arcimboldo graphic I have created on hyperstudio in his style.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

"My Van Gogh Replica"

Through the past week or so I have attempted  to paint Starry Night Over The Rhone  painted in 1888, by  Vincent Van Gogh. Replicating this painting  I  have tried to copy his style and techniques. Copying the painting I have used big bold brush strokes and dark colors.

Looking closely at my painting I see that I have  replicated my houses of Arles and the seashore quite well. Without my black outlines for my houses you can’t really see them  that is great . Making the houses look better I put brightly shining lights in the windows  and so it reflects on the seashore which makes the house’s look better.For the colors of the seashore, I have used a blue   which I darkened with brown.

The differences in my painting to Vincent’s  is basically my sky. I  had blue , yellow and darkened that with brown to make a dark gloomy sky . At the end it turned out to be greenish , blueish.  I  fix it up by putting  in a little bit of blue   and little flecks of white.

Vincent Van Gogh painted Starry Night Over The Rhone for a reason. I think he painted this because he was sad, and he wanted to take something off of his mind.Or maybe he was in the hospital and he saw the beautiful view , so he started painting.

In my painting I  am very happy with my lights that are reflecting on  the water .I am happy with it because I think its the right color, and its in the right place.The thing I am not  very happy with is my stars. Well it is the color, the yellow is too bright and their  too big.

Overall when I look at my painting I am proud because it is only my second time painting in Vincent Van Gogh's Style.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Marking Criteria

Here is a Marking Criteria I have created in Google Docs , to help myself and other people to write better and effective paragraphs.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Starry Night Over The Rhone

I have attempted to copy one of Vincent Van Gogh's painting which is called Starry Night Over The Rhone .