Thursday, December 12, 2013

Action World

Last Friday the Year 7's went for a trip to "ACTION WORLD", a fun outdoor, activity adventure land for ages - WHO KNOWS! Luckily for the Year 8's they were also having fun at their end of year camp.

Arriving at action we all gathered into our own smalls groups of 6 - 12 and sat down. Listening to the instructors everyone took their shoes off and lined up. Our first activity was the rock climbing wall, this was the hardest of them all only because it was very slippery. Secondly we headed over to the Jungle bars, which included strength and good listening skills.

After we finished rotating around all the activity's at Action World we had a little munch. Later on the instructors let us have free play, when we could play on anything we wanted to have a try on. As we all had our last turns on the activity's we all then gathered and sat down in front of the Trapeze. The instructors then demonstrated a few moves, and flips on it and showed us which basic one we were to do.

From my own point of view the challenge that really scared me the most was probably the Jungle Swing. Why? Well I guess being high up in the air was pretty scary especially when you look down. Most of all I really enjoyed having a lot of turns on the Tightrope. Mostly because I was able to just take a few steps on the rope high up in the air without holding on to anything.

Hopefully that when you go to action world it is really fun for you and that you enjoy it.  It would be cool to go there next year as well as a class trip or for camp maybe.  I really hope that maybe next year we get another opportunity to visit action world and maybe next time I'll be able to accomplish everything. ESPECIALLY THE TRAPEZE!

                                                Jungle Bars - More Videos At Action World

Esther doing the Jungle Bars!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Net-Book Reflection

Having a netbook that connects to the internet is very handy. Why? Because whenever I'm stuck on something or whenever I want to learn about something I can just search it up and read into it. For example when I'm stuck on my maths or want to learn better strategies to figure my answers out I just search up math strategies and a whole lot of tutorial videos come up.

By using the internet I'm now able to learn how to get better at making movies and using green screen a lot more. I'm now able to use green screen a lot better than before because I'm able to search it up.

Something special that Ms.Tito has taught me this year was to always be "PURPLE COW", to stand out from the rest. By being purple cow I'm able to make much more cooler things on my netbook.

One time we were given the task to create and MTV. I had no idea on how to film properly with and Ipad. But by using my initiative I played around with it and now I've got a few tricks up my sleeve when it comes to ipads.

Throughout the whole year my friends have taught me how to use scratch. It's a online game making program where you can make your own games and publish them to the web where everyone can play them. It might become handy for me one day, who knows I might be a game maker.

Helping my classmates online is what I do best. I mostly help kids with writing their own comments and making sure that they check/proofread before they publish. In return I get help on writing better scripts for my pod casts on KPE.

With my netbook I'm able to manage myself a lot more, because I no longer have to wait around for the teacher to tell me to get on with it. I now can just hop on my netbook and check our Team 5 google site and see what my literacy group is doing for the day.

Using net books this year makes learning much more easier and faster for a lot of us. There can be problems at times such as the internet, but it doesn't really matter because our school supplies netbook technicians or we either just search how to fix it on the internet. Using netbooks can also help make you realize the mistakes in your writing, reading, and maths.

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela

                                                                 In Memory Of 
                                                       Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela
                                              July 18th 1918 -  December 5th 2013

Born July 18, 1918 in a small village located in Transkei was a well known South African politician Nelson MandelaAt a very young age nelson Mandela and his 9 brothers and sisters sadly lost their Fathesekeni Fanny Mandela. During Nelson's time as a ward at the Great Place in Mqhekezweni Nelson heard stories of his ancestors during the wars of resistance. At that time he dreamed of making his own contribution to the freedom struggle of his people. 

He Attended a primary school in Qunu, where his teacher Miss. Mdingane gave him the name Nelson. Mandela then began studies for a Bachelor of Arts Degree at the University College of Fort Hare. Unfortunately he didn't complete the degree because he was expelled for joining a student protest.  Year's later in 1944, Mandela married nurse, Evelyn Mase who then had two sons, and two daughters that died caused by infancy. 

Secretly leaving South Africa, Nelson Mandela was then arrested during a police roadblock. He was then sentenced to five years in jail for leaving the country illegally. While he was serving Nelson Mandela's mother and eldest son sadly passed away, unfortunately he wasn't allowed to attend their funerals. On 11th June 1964 Nelson Mandela was sentenced to life in prison. 

Sunday 11 February 1990 Nelson was released from the prison.  In 1991 Nelson Mandela was elected president, and was then a South African who was sentenced to life to Nelson Mandela who was elected for president. In 1999 after one term of being president Nelson Mandela stepped down from his role as president. 

A couple of years later unfortunate news had come to the family that Mandela was diagnosed with prostate cancer. July 18, 2012 Mandela celebrated his 94th birthday with his family in Qunu. Throughout 2012- 2013 Mandela was in and out of hospital beds. Sadly for Mandela he spent his 95th birthday in hospital. September 1st 2013 Mandela was discharged from hospital, unfortunately on December 5th Nelson Mandela sadly passed away. 

What I've learnt from Nelson Mandela is to not care what other people think and always stand up for what you think is right. All I know is that Nelson Mandela stood up for what he thought was right and changed everything. He a man everyone will never forget not for just changing equality but for being a loving,caring, big hearted, strong man. 

Monday, December 2, 2013

Top 3 Highlights Of The Year

As I look back  throughout the whole year I realised that my top 3 highlights would have to be:

Firstly is our trip to Waitangi. Why? It was the top highlight for me because we not got to look at images on the web of Waitangi but we got to see it all in real life. It was really fun because a lot of us came together as closer friends, and we go luxurious bedroom suites. The whole reason why I like our Waitangi trip though was mostly because we got to see Waitangi in real life and learn about our Tupuna/Ancestors. 

Secondly was being apart of the school production "Sixty The Quest". Why? Well I really liked both dances we learned and performed. Our first dance was our "LIght Dance". We were dressed in christmas lights  and dramatically dancing to a voiceover. Then our last and second dance was with a purple light. As we glowed in our handmade costumes we proudly dance swiftly. 

Last but not least is when we were doing harakeke with Ms.Tito. I really enjoyed doing harakeke because I learnt  a lot of skills and techniques on how to weave properly. I also learnt a few do's/don't while we were weaving, and  I definitely would love to do weaving again.