Wednesday, June 26, 2013

SER Parents Opinions

Previously in extension we have been investigating on what people think about Self Explaining Roads. These are roads with islands and roundabouts that reduce the speed and danger level down.  I would love to know what you think about them.

To view live form click on link below:

Friday, June 21, 2013

Prospective Student Narrative

As the young boy gripped tenuously on the unstable  rock, it suddenly fell and he was left dangling on the ledge of  a mountain. As quickly as he could he reacted and struggled to climb out of the situation he was in. Relieved and exhausted he was glad that he had reached his destination. At long last he had finally reached the dojo and thought to himself   “My dream of becoming a kung fu master is finally here”. I hope the sensei accepts me”, hopes the boy.

Anxious and curious he knocked on the dojo door with no idea on what to expect.  Suddenly the huge door opened and standing in front of the boy was the sensei. To show respect the young boy bowed, but the sensei pointed directly to his right and slammed the door. The young boy was confused and he thought to himself “What a waste of time”.

By not giving up and losing faith the young boy thought he had to prove himself worthy by meditating all day and night til the morning sunrise. Still deep in meditation, the boy did not realize that the Sensei was standing in front of him. The boy opened one lazy eye and once again the Sensei pointed to his right and slammed the door.

The hopeless boy dropped his head in sadness and walks away. Suddenly he had changed his emotions, from depressed to furious. He stormed back to the dojo and karate kicked the enormous door down. The sensei came out again. “I challenge you to a karate battle!” demanded the boy. The sensei pointed in frustration to his right. Turning his head the boy notice the sign that the sensei had been pointing at. “PLEASE USE THE SIDE ENTRANCE!” said the sign. Embarrassed and feeling dumb the boy curled his arms up like a girl and walked onwards.   

Written By Mary L -  Jouan M - Jorja R

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Literacy Rotation Cycle

Last week the senior block tested something. What? well the teachers wanted to see if we could do a Literacy Rotation, a Creative and School subjects rotation. The main Idea was to get use to it because thats what would happen when we reach college.

We’ll on my first week of the rotation  I did Kowhaiwhai with Ms.Tito. Which is a koru that is always connected, it is always a piece of artwork that is planned, and it always is a curved koru.

This week for the rotation I have been doing SSW with Mrs. Lagnitupou and today I have just finished doing some reading exercises with Mrs. Nua. Tomorrow I’ll be attending writing with Mrs. Squires. I think we’ll be writing about Narratives and stuff so YEA. I just can’t wait.

I really enjoy doing this new Literacy rotation because I think its gonna help me when I reach college. I think that when I take these literacy rotations it makes me experience and learn cool things that I wouldn't get to do on a normal day basses.

I felt really excited about all of this because its a new thing that I never thought we’d try before. Hopefully this will work for not only this year but next year as well.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Silent Sistaned Writing The Haunted Hut

It was a cold, dark, gloomy night. I stumbled upon an abandoned hut deep in the heart of the forest. I was just about to enter the hut, when suddenly I heard a loud but shocking disturbing THUMB coming from it. Slowly entering a hut I saw a huge shadow coming closer and closer.

As I looked in the reflection of the hut window, I saw nothing. I was really scared and had no idea on what to really do. Creeping up to the hut door, the mysterious thing started to chase after me. At first I thought  I was just hearing things but the next thing I knew I was running for my life!

As fast as I could I locked myself in my car and tryed to drive away. Then suddenly as I twisted the car key the whole car just shut down. Scared and frightened I made sure that all the car doors and windows were locked. Looking around through the cold frosted windows there was no one or thing in sight except for forest trees. As I looked in the distance I saw a beaming light, so while I was sitting in the cold car I made a plan on how to escape.

Finished with my plan, I unlock the door. As I was trying to creep away, then as I took my first step I hear a big thumb, and heavily breathing more like there was someone else there. Trying to walk as fast as I could to the the light, as I got closer and closer there was much more light. I tried to figure out what the heck it was. Crawling to the light I peeked my head over the bushes and looked into the distance.

As loud as I possibly could I screamed “help help”. I thought it was a village of people coming to rescue me but it wasn't. IT WAS A VILLAGE ON FIRE that had just been destroyed the night before. Running to my car I tried to get it started, and with my luck it did. As fast as I could I drove into the distance, and as far away from that hut as possible. THE END!! “AND thats why kids, you never go into the forest or anywhere alone, because why”. The kids replied “ You never know what's out there”

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

MKR Finale

Arriving at the arena Katie, Mili, Lorel, and Annabeth were so nervous. They couldn’t believe that they were walking into the arena and that they had 2 and 1 chance to win MHKR. It was a dream for them because the prize was 100,000 dollars and a holiday getaway to hawaii.

Preparing themselves for the challenge Group 1 Katie and Mili, and Group 2 Annabeth and Lorel started to plan their menu. After both groups had finished the Judges Ms.King, Mrs.Nua, Mr.Barks, Ms.Squires and Ms.Tito all said " A delicate Chocolate Mousse with Berry sauce  with the perfect flavours and textures is what we're looking for. I hope you all are prepared for what is coming, but most importantly this challenge itself. You'll each have 1 hour to create something divine, oh well I guess theres only one thing to say GOOD LUCK."

Suddenly out of nowhere Mr.Barks shouted "BEGIN".  As fast as they could Group 1 and 2 ran to the pantry to collect what they needed.  Both teams had to replicate a Chocolate Mousse with Berry sauce, it was a challenge because they had to get everything right and perfect.  Anyways while Team 1 was still in the pantry looking for their ingredients Team 2 had started making their Chocolate Mousse.  Out of nowhere Mili screams “NO,NO”.  She said it to Katie because she completely messed up their dish by not putting eggs in.  After that Mili tryed as hard as she could to fix but they were doomed they had only 30mins on the clock. Luckily for them Katie had just finished making another carton of mousse. And yes she did put the eggs in.

Time was UP!! “Step away from your benches. It was a tight fit, both teams had just finished their dishes and completed it. BUT WAS THERE PRESENTATION ENOUGH!!. When the judges had finish scoring the girls dishes they had found a winner. “ All 4 of you were so amazing. There was nothing that you missed, the balancing of the flavours and most importantly the texture of the mousse. But unfortunately there can only be one winner. AND THAT IS.........