Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Yay Its swimming!!!!!

Hello every body.
This is a post about my swimming and what we have been doing
in the past few weeks. I hope you enjoy my movie.

Finally arriving at the pools I quickly got changed and had a shower .On entering the pool Mrs.squires said “group 1 will be in the pool first “.I was not happy. After waiting for minutes we got to go in the pool.

With a powerful kick I submerged under the  water .Gilding gracefully I said to myself “I can make it “.Exhausted and  drained Mrs.Squires said I want you to please do one more lap”.I was so tired after that.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

State of origin


Sitting down at the couch I told my brother "Change it to the State of Origin quick. It's gonna start". There is my dad, my brother and I who like New South Wale. I don't care if they keep on losing because its not about winning or losing I think its just about having fun.
Happily knowing that New South Wales was going to win I went and sat on my bed. Nervously walking in to the lounge I looked at the score board and New south Wales was winning. I started to jump up and down because I was so happy.
New South Wales had 18 points and Queensland had 8.
I never ever will go on the Queensland side because
New South Wales is the best. I will always and as always be in New South Wales .THEY RULE !

Monday, June 13, 2011

My 2 Favorite Hobbys

My 2 favorite hobbies have to be soccer and cooking with my mum.The reason why I like cooking and soccer is because its fun and yummy.I like cooking with my mum because she's funny and she lets me help whenever I want. I want my mum to open up a shop and my dad to be a coach for soccer and rugby.
I have an awesome family because my dad coaches the Toa Samoa under 13s ,and the Mt.Wellington warriors under 13 too but my other 2 uncles referee,and one of them is the manager for the Mt.wellington warriors under 13. I like my mum and dad because when I'm sad or hurt can always talk to them and they are caring,kind and loving. I also like my family because were always happy and kind

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Favorite Desert

Who loves Desert.I do,I have so many favorite deserts,but my top 2 things from desert is cyclones and chocolate moose .I like chocolate moose because when you put it in your mouth it just melts and I also like cyclones because when its a sunny hot day i just go to the freezer and bite into it it cools me down. The thing I like about desert is its so sweet and yummy.I always leave a little bit of room in my tummy for my desert because desert is the best.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Awesome weekend ever

Guest what I done in the long weekend,I celebrated my cousins birthday and my birthday.For my birthday I just had a family one and for my cousin Jaydens birthday we had a country costume one .I said to my mum "I'm not going to dress up because I'm not a costume liker ".When we arrived the house was nicely decorated and all country .Our present to him was the birthday cake,and desert.The best thing about his birthday was the Ronald Mac Donald farm,the farm is when Ronald brings over animals in a truck and then you go in to feed them .there were a variety of animals to feed and hold . It was so fun there because we had lots of games but I forgot there names.Then to top it of we watched a movie and had popcorn.When I got home I was so tired because we ran around allot and i had heaps of food.Then the next day It was my Birthday.For my birthday that many people that went to jaydens birthday wasn't like mine .I only had a little birthday because I didn't want a big one . I was just so happy to see my family from Australia.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Brallie alphabet

Blind people cannot read ordinary books so a man named Louis Braille invented a system.The system was raised dots instead of letters.The dots helped people if they couldn't read.They would touch the dots and then the blind person would know what letter it is.

Hundreds of years ago the first book made with raised dots was printed in France. Now they sell them all over the world.

Today you can borrow braille books from the library. Now blind people can also read books so they can get wonderful knowledge and enjoyments from reading