Friday, May 27, 2011

My favourite 2 singers

Do you have a favourite singers? Well I do, their names are Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. I like them because their songs inspire me so I can follow my dream . If you have a dream don't let anybody get in your way. Just believe in yourself.
I would really like to meet Katy Perry and Taylor Swift.
Singing is a good talent if you have it. One day in my life I hope all my best friends make up a band .

How to swim

In order to be a successful swimmer you should follow these instructions.Take a powerful kick and submerge under the water.When you are doing free style, a key tip is to take scoop the water while you are rolling into breath. While you are rolling to breath , the correct breathing position is to lie your head on your arm.You become very buoyant when you use proper coordinated movements in the water. When you are doing backstroke,put your belly up so you don’t sink.A key tip is to not worry about your face if water makes your hair go in the way.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Finally Its swimming

Finally arriving at the pools I quickly got changed and had a shower. On entering the pool Mrs Squires said, “Group 1 will be in the pool first. “I was not happy. After waiting for a few minutes we got to go in.

With a powerful kick I submerged under the water .Gilding gracefully I said to myself “I can make it." Exhausted and drained Mrs.Squires said, " I want you to please do one more lap”. With steady strokes I was needing to breath so I moved into my breathing position. I was embarrassed though because Kaycee beat me even though she went after me. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What is chewing gum?

In America a man named Adam smith made things out of rubber In his factory. One day he found chicle on a rubbery gum tree. He popped it into his mouth and chewed it but it stayed whole. Suddenly he had a bright Idea It was to heat the chicle up and add a mint flavour.Then he could sell it and call it chewing gum. In 1872 he open a small factory and tried to sell it to a company but they didn’t accept it so instead they decided they could sell it in slot machines . Then you could buy it in railway stations.

Immersion Assembly

As quickly as I could I sat down next to my friend to watch the performances.After waiting to see team 5 performance It started. All I could see were all the teachers in team 5 spraying Mrs. Nua's hair,and I heard her say, "Are you sure I came to the right salon?" Mr.Barks replied, "Yeah yeah you came to the right salon, trust me you did".
Then Mrs Lagitupu pulled out a variety of different cutting tools and I remember Mr.Harris had a carving knife but then he put it back on the table. He cut one hair off Mrs.Nua's head and they tried to dry her hair with a leaf The reason why like team 5 Is because I liked the rap.

My other favorite team was team 3 because of Miss Burns' big eyes. They were all dressed as mad scientists. Then all you could see was Miss Lavakula and Mrs Barks tossing a multitude of ingredients into a beaker and out popped some soap,(Miss Walters).Then out of nowhere Miss Lavakuala sang her rap to Baby, Baby, Wash your hands. After that they just picked up there bottles and started to spray water on us.Team three was so funny.

Easter Holiday

Here is a little video to go wit my story but it is mostly just my voice over.
Now you can sit back read ,watch,and ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
For my awesome Easter holiday we celebrated my brother Kane's birthday. We celebrated it by going to his favourite restaurant but I don't know what it's called. I remember that restaurant because you get to choose anything you want and you cook it yourself.So to start it of I had two chicken nibbles and a water.Then I waited.

After waiting for so long I finally got to eat my steak with rice .Then we got some more food to cook. It was good because my cousin and auntie Hilda came over from Australia. (Soon my auntie and I will be visiting them.) My mum said, "You are a good waitress," because she said that I was a good helper. So then we payed and went to my aunty's .

Arriving at my aunty's house I zoomed up the stairs ,and asked my auntie "Did you make your truffles?" She replied "Yes. Yes I did ".
Finally finishing setting the table I sat down on the chair. Very quietly trying to sneak a truffle I got caught by my brother trying to eat one , so then I had to go down stairs where the adults could see if I was going to the truffles. Then we had to sing the happy birthday song to my brother. When we finished I was aiming to eat the truffle first, and I did.

Finally arriving at home I went to sleep straight away because I had a sore stomach.
I thought that my brother Kane's birthday was the best one we celebrated because my family from Aussie ,and Hamilton came over to celebrate his 14Th birthday.
I had the best holiday ever.