Saturday, April 28, 2012

Vincent Van Gogh

 This Term our topic is Art Alive. One of the artists Room 17 is researching about is
Vincent Van Gogh.

This Is what I have found out so far :

This Poor Dutch man had a sad life and suffered from depression. His feelings are shown in his paintings.

In a fit of anger and depression, he cut off part of his ear and sent it to his girlfriend,  but she did not like it.

He got lead poisoning because he used lead based paints and he suffered poisoning from nibbling paint chips. He often didn't have enough money to buy food because he spent what little he had on buying paints.

Van Gogh got only a little money for one of his  paintings while he was alive. When he died millions of people then realized that he was an awesome painter. His work is now worth millions of dollars.

This painting is called Starry Starry Night , and it is very well known.

I like this painting too, its called Almond  Blossoms.

Now this last painting is my favourite, it is a self
 portrait of Vincent Van Gogh.
Vincent Van Gogh

Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Holiday Highlight

Guess what I did in the holidays! Well in the holidays my family  and I went to a  Korean restaurant for my brothers birthday. He was turning 15 so it was a big  birthday.

This restaurant that we were going to was cool because you could cook your own food just the way you like it . When we all arrived we started cooking. There was so much to choose from that I had to spend 10 minutes choosing my food .

After we  all had  finished eating  we went to sylvia park to buy him a present . My present to my brother was $20 dollars , he got $50 from my aunty another $50 from my uncle and $100 from my family in wellington.So with all that money he bought him self a phone .

After we all had finished shopping we went home.We had his birthday cake that my mum made for him and then we played some family games. First we played  monopoly but we got bored so we played a mixture of pictionary , a humming game ,  and charades.

At the end of the night we were all tired,but we all had a great
time .As soon as  I got home I went to bed. I was wondering what I was going to do for my birthday.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Frog Report

Do you know many things about frogs?
Well if you don’t then this is the report  for you.I am going to tell you what frogs are,eat,where they live,what they look like,their diet,their enemies, and   their life cycle . So be ready to read.

First of all frogs are amphibians. Amphibians are animals  that live in both water
and land. Frogs lay their eggs in water and are cold blooded like reptiles.

Frogs are  mostly found near swamps, ponds, slow moving water, under mossy rocks, and on wet forest floors . It is because if their skin dries out they will die.This is why frogs stay in damp areas or where   water is .

A frog has a short body , and   It has nice  smooth moist skin. It has big bulging eyes and  no neck. The colour of frogs skin can be green and brown .With their long hind legs they  can jump 20 times their size.

Frogs have a big mouth to swallow their food.Some frogs have teeth but toads don’t.In their mouth their tongue is not attached to the back it is attached to the front ,  so when it sees it food it snaps its tongue out and swallows it whole.It has long hind legs for jumping, and webbed feet for swimming. They can  also look upwards,sidewards,and downwards at the same time.

A frog's diet is beetles,snails, spiders, worms and even small fish.Tadpoles are herbivores , they eat weeds and algae.When they are  tadpoles they are herbivores, but when they grow up they become carnivores .

Have you ever wondered how a frog survives during winter ? Well ,  when it is winter frogs diet of insects disappear , so what they do to survive is they either burrow under wet rotting leaves , or hides deep in the mud on the bottom of the pond.If you wondering how  they breathe when they hibernate , they either breathe through their skin or lungs.

A frogs life cycle starts when it mother lays egg.Then the tadpole comes out of its egg , but sadly it has no eyes , arms and legs. But when its grows it develops legs, arms and eyes.After a few weeks it starts to look like a frog , and when it  ready it go  onto land.

During summer and spring frogs eggs and tadpoles are eaten by their prey such as snakes, lizards, birds, sharp toothed fish and hedgehogs .But with the amount of eggs that have been laid a huge number of frogs have been able to escape danger.

Now you know many facts about frogs.I hope you enjoyed my report and learnt something from it.