Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Fun Run

For the last past weeks or so the senior block have been running around the whole reserve. Why? Because we have been training for the 5k run that we will be doing at the end of the term.  The reason why we are doing the run is because we are fundraising for the Year 8's camp at the end of the year. So what ever money our families donate to us, we collect it then it goes towards their camp.

On the first week we did our run I think my time was around about 7:59secs. Previously I have scored a time of 6:52. It is a big improvement for me because I just got 1 minute faster. On the first time we vs.  Room 15.

On the second time around we vs. no one. We had to run alone. This time around our time was a lot faster then before. After we had finished running Ms.Squires had told us that we were the fastest class.

Hopefully next time I improve on my running. I want to set a goal at a time of 6:00mins. Maybe today for P.E our class will get better at running so that when the Fun Run comes up we are prepared.

Whats Really In Our Food?

This year our senior block have been investigating on "Whats Really In Our Food?".  A few days ago we got given 2 words. I was given LDL ( Low-Density-Lipoprotein) , and Unsaturated fats. This is the presentation I have created to show what these 2 words mean.

How A Kettle Works?

In extension we were given the task to create a video. It had to be about something that we would often wonder about in the morning as we would wake up.  With a lot of hard work me and Tyla created this video which shows how a kettle works and boils water.

“The Mines Afire” Reading Reflection

TITLE: “The Mines Afire”
AUTHOR : Tommy Carter
Wednesday 22nd of May 2013 Pages: 1-35

This book is about a young boy called Tommy Carter who is a young typical boy living in the West Coast mining community of Dobson in 1896. One fine day Tommy worst fears came true. A huge explosion rips through the mines. This story is a true story that was set in New Zealand and was known as the worst disasters to ever happen. The main character in the story is Tommy Carter.


When I read the part about how the explosion just ripped through the mines I wonder about the miners families and how they would have cop with all of this. I wonder why the author chose to write about this sad disaster that happened so long ago. I think it might be because he probably wanted the readers of this book to know about this tragic and sad disaster.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

"Save The Whale" Reading Reflection

TITLE: Save The Whale    
AUTHOR :Geronimo Stilton
8th of May 2013 Pages: 1- 15

This book is about Geronimo Stilton and his cousin Petunia. So far by reading the blurb on the back of the book its about Geronimo Stilton and his Petunia, they spot a white whale that desperately needs help. Eventually they try to help it and set it free, I can’t wait to find out what happens. The Main Character is Geronimo Stilton.

So far so good. The Author has impressed me with all the books he has written. I actually have a whole collection of his books so yeah I'm really loving this book.  For some reason I think that this book will have a great ending.

Awesome Book!!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Maths Whizz

Previously I've been working on Maths Whizz, and these are the strategies I've been learning.

 As you can see below there is a picture of what I've been doing in Maths Whizz.
Proportion: We can use proportion to work out how many red sections there would be on a scarf with 16 sections in total.
I think the reason why I'm learning this is because I need to get better or either remember this so that when I get to the problem when I need to use this strategies I'll know.

Monday, May 13, 2013

WILL.I.AM Arrives At School

WilI.I.Am visits Pt England School from SchoolTV on Vimeo.

A few days ago famous Pop Singer WILL.I.AM visited our school, yes the one and only WILL.I.AM. Why? Well as some of you may not know he has a foundation called IAmAngel, which helps schools around the world to buy equipment for school subjects.  So he gave us a gift which was a cheque of  100,000  dollars that will go towards all  Manaiakalani education trust schools in the community. It was for science, mathematics, and engineering because he believed that we would that we would be the next generation of inventors.

Students and principals from 8 different manaiakalani  schools came as representatives to accept the huge gift that WILL.I.AM has given.  After WILL.I.AM handed the cheque over he talked about how to live the dream, which was to make sure that we hangout with the right people and always have the right attitude.  Before everything started the Kapa Haka and Senior Hip Hop groups performed for WILL.I.AM.

Then surprisingly out of know were  WILL.I.AM told us that he was going back to school.  The why he wanted to go back was because he was really interested in science.  After that he told us that his dream wasn't to become what he is today, it was just to look after his mum, and that music made it happened. In exact words he said that “ Music literally saved my life”.  After WILL.I.AM told us his story about his early life the Hallenstein Brothers had a presentation to thank WILL.I.AM for his koha that he gave to us then they also  gave him a taonga, Green stone.

After the assembly everyone made their way back to class. WILL.I.AM visited some classes and asked the students some questions. He also had a few interviews with the media and the prefects from the school.  THANK YOU WILL.I.AM You are now part of our family and will always be.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

"A Wind In The Door" Reading Reflection

TITLE: A Wind In The Door       
AUTHOR:  Madeleine L’engle
8th of May 2013 Pages: 1 - 4

This book is about a couple of friends and some dragons in a vegetable garden.
There are 2 main characters and they are Charles Wallace and Meg Murry.

“I think the author is a good  writer because when I was reading the blurb I was so interested in it that I just had to read it. I made a good choice because I’m really liking it
“I like this story because it just sounds so interesting.

So far I'M loving this book!!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What My Classmates Say About Me

Last term my class did a little exercise using a piece of paper and tape . We had to walk around class with a pen in our hand and write something positive about each other. Hear a a few cool and funny things I found out about myself.

The first thing I never knew that people liked about me was my smile. Maybe because I have dimples which makes it even better, and when I smile I mean it.

Secondly  they said that they really like my hair. Its because I always use shampoo and conditioner every night to make it very shiny and glossy.  Or maybe brush it for hours to make sure there are no knots.

Last but not least the best thing that I think stood out for me was, how my classmates said that they think I'm  a really cool friend  because whenever I see my friends with a frown I always turn it upside down and make it into a smile.

Knowing what my classmates think about me is really awesome. Maybe its better when I know what my classmates  think about me, so that I can co-operate and work with them a lot better. Oh yeah and one funny mostly everyone wrote on my back was Go Jojo!!. Which probably means for me to keep striving to succeed.