Tuesday, August 21, 2012

How To Get Better At Shot Put

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For the last week or so the Wekas and Kiwis had to chose what style we would like to use to write about Shot Put. I chose Instructions which are for people who have tried this sport but want to get better.

I know that many of you out there have tryed a sport and want to take it further. If one of those sports is Shot Put , then who knows you might be another Valerie Adams if you read these handy tips on this post.

One  really important thing you need in Shot Put is the correct equipment.  Shot Put has only  a little Equipment involved :
*Shots which come in many sizes and materials ,
*Footwear which  usually have a  smooth, hard outsole for fast spinning
*The wrist wrap. Which  most athletes included in this sport  use it to  wrap their wrists   to prevent serious injury or to give support.

In Shotput you take your throw from a inside marked circle, with a stop board about 10 cm in front. After you put  your shot it is then measured from the center of the circle . The nearest mark in the ground  made by the heavy shot,  is then  rounded down to the nearest centimetre.

Step By Step

1. Holding The Shot
When holding your Shot it has to be on the base  of your fingers not on your palm and your fingers also have to be slightly spread out.

2. Neck Placement
First place the shot against your neck .  Lower it until it is down near your jaw. Push the shot into your neck.  Point your thumb towards the throwing direction.

3. Delivering  Your Shot
Your eyes up at the sky or ceiling.  Push the shot away from your neck.   Your elbows must stay high at all times , because  if your elbow is lowered it can cause serious injury.

Well There you go. Hopefully my handy tips have helped you get better at this sport. Thank you  very much for reading!!

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  1. Very handy indeed Jorja. You have explained how to deliver your shot very well. If I followed this I would certainly do so much better than I ever have and also be very safe. Maybe I'll be allowed to compete in our end of year athletics day :)

    Keep up the good writing Jorja.
    Mrs Tele'a


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