Friday, March 30, 2012

Purua To Potae Pt England!!

Here is a little video for the kids who go to Pt England 
that don't wear their hats! Enjoy ! 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Can you  ever guess how many kids came to my  school camp? Well there were 165 kids from year 5 to year 6 . We all had to squeeze into 56 tents in groups of 2’s and 3’s  on the Pt.England School field.

The thing I was mostly looking forward to  was Kayaking.When we went kayaking I went on a double with Jonita . One thing I learnt about Kayaking was if you go on a double you must always copy the person in front  of you , or your paddles will smash together.
I didn’t really enjoy Kayaking that much because I was cold.

I really enjoyed top town because it was something we could do as a team. The first thing we had to do was cross the swamp river with out getting eaten by the sharks.After that we had a little water fight.The aim of that game was to not get wet . Then It came to the last activity , we were given four puzzles that we had to solve and explain what our puzzle was then  who ever finished had to raise there flag. That meant they had won .

The Hilarious  thing at camp had to be me and my partner flipping of our kayak. We fell out because Jonita my partner was rocking the kayak then she reached down to get some water and then suddenly boom....... We were out of our kayak and we tryed  to climb on it but it kept flipping over, then finally we got back on.

   My goal I wanted to really achieve during camp was to be a good year 6 . I think I was a pretty good year 6 for the little year 5 . I know that because I was always listening to my leaders I  think!!

On the Last day of camp it was the best day of the whole week because we got to go to the  Lagoon Pools in Panmure . I felt so exhausted after having so much fun at camp.I love  year 5 and 6 camp , but too bad that was my second and last time I was going to that camp.

Netball Positions

I've been reading Team work written by Maria Samuela .This story is about a netball team working together and trying their best at netball.In this team there is a girl called Ina she is the goal shooter for this team and in this story she had the ball and she was far away from the hoop but then  she  saw her friend Lucy waving her arms out. She could have passed the ball to Lucy but she risked it and took a shoot . Luckily she got a score.

Here are the Positions on a net ball court.

Goal Shooter - GS
Goal Attack - GA
Wing Attack - WA
Center - C
Wing Defense - WD
Goal Defense - GD
Goal Keeper - GK

Monday, March 19, 2012

My Mihi

Here is a video clip of me doing my mihi.The writing below is telling you what I said .Hope You Enjoy!!!

Ko Jorja taku ingoa

Tekau oku tau

Ko Mark toku matua

Ko Mena toku whaea 

Ko Maungarei te maunga 

Ko Tamaki te awa

Ko Kaycee  toku hoa

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Year 5 and 6 Camp!

Camp is finally here . First of all we all gather together and have a meeting .Our first activity was camp cooking. The boys cook damper and the girls cook scones or cookies . At 11:00 we had morning tea , we had   one piece of fruit and 2 cookies .

      Activity 2 was table tennis and roller skating.WE all enjoyed skating but not the part when we fell over . It was so embarrassing . I really love year 5 and 6 camp.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Friday Weekly Writing

Waking up so excited I realised it was Friday . On Fridays we always  have Ms.Muliaumasealii , she is into art so we basically do it the whole day .

After school has finished I always check to see if my room is tidy.If it is then I go and play. Especially with my awesome when my cousins are over.

Thursday Weekly Writing

On Thursdays we have our wonderful art teacher Ms.Muliaumasealii  for 1 hour.She is so creative and fun to work with. One of our projects we are doing with her is our vision board.

At the end of the day my favorite thing to is to play on my bike.I really like riding my bike but then I don’t like falling over.It really hurts.

Wednesday Weekly Writing

On Wednesdays in the morning we go to cricket.Our cricket teacher is Hamnet .After cricket we normally go back to class ,  and  write about how much fun we had at cricket.Then Its morning tea.

Then after our lunch break we go to I.C.T.and music. This is were we go to do our animations and learn how to play instruments . After animating we go back to class and learn our goals or do our maths.

Tuesday Weekly Writing

On Tuesday I got up and went to school as normal.In the mornings I normally go on hyper studio and do my animations.When the 2nd bell rings it is when we start school.IN the mornings the first thing we normally do is Writing but no we did our star test.

During morning tea I read my book.Straight after morning tea I we always do the maths rotation.For that my group always go’s on maths whizz.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Monday Weekly Writing

Every Monday morning my alarm  wakes me  up at 7:00 and I always  feel tired or angry .I get changed for school and then I have  my breakfast.I arrive at school and the first thing I do is go on my net-book.

At playtime I eat my beautiful  lunch and then I start to play.When the bell rings I go into class and get ready for the quick twenty. After the quick 20 we go to the library, and we choose 2 books ,one to take home to read and one to read at school for a podcast.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Vision Board 2012

This Year 2012 I I have set some goals for me to do . I want to  improve in my  maths so I can get better then I am now. In maths I am trying to get better at my 6 timetables .I am doing that by saying the answer in my head and practicing at home .So far I am going pretty well.