Sunday, November 20, 2011


Hitting 10:30  we quickly headed to the bus.As usual every body on the bus always talked .This was our term four trip and our last trip that was going to be in room 14.I couldn’t wait for the bus to stop and Mrs Squires say”were here at Stardome”.

 After 30 Minutes  of boringness on the bus  we arrived at Stardome, but unexpectedly we were climbing up one tree hill just so we could fill in our time.To keep us going up one tree hill we had a quick snack and we all took our  water bottles and I’ve course our bags.

“Could my trip get any worst”I thought to my self. Starting our walk I saw that there was heaps of sheep pooh .Anyways half way up the hill mostly everybody was tired.Mrs Tuala suddenly said”who’s  tired “.Then we Replied”ME!!!”Then Mrs Tuala said”Well I’m not, keep going”

   Finally seeing the top of the mountain  I quickly took a photo of the magnificent view and the statue of Kupe.Everybody enjoyed the beautiful view of the city and the volcano Rangitoto.
My best view up on one tree hill was when i got to see the crater and the words they had written with the rocks.

Making our way down to Stardome we just had  a quick play in the crater and then we  headed back down to Stardome.We had our lunch and went to watch a movie.In the movie it felt like we were moving but it was just the screen.We all enjoyed going to Stardome and also i forgot to mention that they had a AWESOME playground.My friend Porscha was not and I mean NOT patient.

I felt like we weren’t basically going to Stardome I thought that our trip was mostly  going to one tree hill.I was so exhausted after that.

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Story Of Guy Fawkes!!

Have you ever wondered how fireworks ever started.Well if you have this is the video for you.

Many people say that Guy Fawkes is awesome for inventing Fireworks
Watch this animation of how Fireworks started!!
Enjoy It!!!

Making Comets With Ice Cream

Eagerly waiting I heard , Mrs.Squires announce that we were making comets made out of ice-cream.Mrs Squires pulled out a mixed family pack of biscuits.She told us some facts on what we were going to use for the ice-cream  comet .

Suddenly with a shock of surprise we had to crush the biscuits with a thousands block and use that as dust and gas for the comet.Smashing and crushing the biscuits my hands started to get sore.Adding sprinkles to the biscuits Mrs Squires carefully mixed it together.Then there we had our comet dust .

Getting the  ice cream out,I heard my friend yell"yes its chocolate ice-cream".Scooping the freezing cold ice cream out off the scooper my hands felt like they were going to brake off.I quickly rolled my freezing cold ice cream that was the rock for the comet,in the crushed biscuits and sprinkles.

Running out side I saw my friend, Jonita had already finished her ice cream comet.I had sticky ice cream stuck to my hands so  I went and washed them.Finally at last I  got to enjoy my comet.Slurping  the smooth ice cold ice cream  the comet was delicious especially with different textures.

Luckily I got seconds.Pushing and shoving everyone wanted some more sprinkles and biscuits.We all had a good time making comets and I'm sure every one wants to do it again .It was so delicious.