Monday, December 17, 2012

Thinking Hats Reflection On Net Books

Out of all my cousins I'm the very lucky one. Why? Because instead of using old boring pencil and paper we are  now using Net books to learn, create, and, share with each other.

With our Net books we not only can do our work at school but at home as well.We are not only learning from Ms.Garden but from everyone around the world. Sharing our work can also teach people on how use better techniques.

The net book also makes writing more faster. Why? well we don’t have to use an eraser when we make mistakes, and we can also use allot more programs. We communicate with people easier and also stay in touch with our family.


Our net books have 2 little tiny problems. One of them is they don’t have a movie making program . Its a  bummer because we are movie making kids that love to make and share our movie.

Then there is the other problem is that it is extremely hard to draw. Not only can we draw but we can’t animate to. Tux paint is just a drawing program that you can import or draw images on.

A solution that I came up with to fix our problems was maybe the make those hinges steel or metal or something that won’t break. For the animating and movie making they could probably install a movie making program without slowing our net books down which could be really awesome.

I'm Yours Jason Mraz

Previously the Weka's were given a task to animate a music video. Our song was Jason Mraz I'm Yours