Monday, September 1, 2014

Storyline Festival

Last week, on Thursday the Year 6, 7 & 8 extension group went to the Storyline's festival which was pretty awesome. Out of all four authors I really enjoyed listening to Paula Green and Juliette Mclver. 

 I liked listening to these two authors because they interacted with the audience well. The way Juliette presented her stories were really funny, interesting, and creative. Paula Green was more of the bubbly type, she liked to rhyme a lot in her stories, she was more out there. 

If I were to share my story's with other kids I'd present it to them in a song or either act it out. Mostly because kids like music, and that's what I mostly enjoyed at last years Storyline Festival. I'd also really interact, and get the audience involved. 

These two authors really did inspire me not only to have my own style but to also explore and take all opportunity's I get. 

Last year at the Storyline's Festival I think it was more enjoyable because the authors were more interesting because they all presented in a different way. They all had there own style. A big thanks to all four authors, I'm sure everyone really enjoyed listening to your stories, keep doing what your doing!

Storyline Tours

This week on Thursday the Year 5 to year 8 students from Pt.England School are traveling to the Manukau Vodafone Events Centre for the Auckland Story-line's Tour. The authors will be talking about their experiences and telling us the story's they have to tell.

If not many of you know Paula Green, she is an New Zealand author who lives in West Auckland. Her style of writing is poetry, and always writes about animals, the weather and the seasons.

Catherine Mayo or mostly known as Cath Mayo was born in a Catholic Maternity hospital, Auckland. She not only is an author and a Violin maker but is also a Musician, and is in a band called Gentle Annie.

Jill MacGregor  lives in the Kapati Coast, and spent two years living in Tonga as a VSA. Most of her books are Pacific non-fiction stories. She has written most of her books on true events that she experienced.

Juliette Malcavier is a children's author who always loved writing as a child. She grew up in Wellington and went to Victoria University where see got a linguistics degree and then a diploma on teaching English. Jill always wanted to write a children's novel and once she finally did she thought it was so fun she thought she could actually have a shot at it.