Thursday, February 24, 2011

My brother's athletics

When my mum told me that we were going to my brothers athletics I was blown away I really didn't want to go it's so boring.When we got there we saw my brother racing .He was running in the 200m was almost time to leave because we got there late so we had a feed . Then we went to find my brothers .

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Earthquake again!

Shocked by the news , there was another earthquake in Christchurch that struck at 12:51, I hoped that my auntie’s friend’s mother was ok. I was scared.

When the news finished I went on YouTube and images to see how bad it was because I had missed most of the news.I t was so devastating. .I crossed my fingers.

Christchurch had had an earth quake in September. The earthquake that was on Wednesday was 6.3 magnitude and 5km-shallow which made it worse than the September one.

I feel sorry for the kids that lost there mum’s and dad’s. Especially for the people who are enjured and have no home.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Best friends forever





We care for each other because were like sisters

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Acrostic Poem About Tyla-marie

Talks to friends a lot

Yes shes brainy

Laughs and smiles

Always has a great attitude

Mostly is good at sports

Acts nice to friends

Really good at spelling

Is awesome

Excellent at running

Acrostic Poem About Jorja Rose

Jumps high on trampolines

Only talks to friends

Rides on her bike

Joyfully happy sometimes

Also loves fruit

Runs around at home a lot

Organizes her uniform

Sleeps in

Every day she plays

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Jorja's holiday

Packing my bag I got ready to go to Hot Water Beach in the Coramandel. Arriving at the campsite I helped my family put up our tent. It was hard because our tent was big and there were only three of us because my aunties, uncles,and cousins were putting up their tent. We were very hungry from the three hour drive.

Excitedly running to the beach my family and I started to dig a hole so we could sit in the warm water - that's why its called hot water beach.When I dipped my foot in, the water was warm. We first went at day then after that we went at night because that's when the water is warmest.

On Sunday, the day we were leaving, we were thinking about going to this beach called Hahai but then we didn't because of the traffic. I didn't want to go home.