Monday, December 1, 2014

My Own Symbol/Tattoo

Lately in extension, we've been learning about symbolism, meanings, and the Samoan Tatau or as some people know it as the Pe'a. After researching and learning a lot about symbolism etc we were then given a mini project, to create/design our own tattoo's. One would symbolise any one part of our culture or heritage and the other had to represent ourselves. 

As you can see I've drawn five heads, representing Mark ( my dad), Mena (my mum), Kane and Caleb (my two older brothers), and last but not least me. The reason on why I've drawn them is because to me family is everything, it means the world to me, and it's something that is very close to my heart.

Then above my family I've drawn 2 kilikiti (cricket) bats that are meant to represent my Grandfather, Falana’ipupu Sola Mefiposeta Maea Tele'a. I chose to use the Kilikiti bats as a symbol for my grandfather because Samoan Cricket was his passion, coming in 2nd equal with Church and always having family 1st. It wasn't something that he enjoyed on his own, he'd always get the whole family involved, making my brothers and cousins learn the proper way on how to make a kilikiti bat. And the reason I put them above my family because the bats are meant to be protecting our family like a shield, constantly watching over us.

First of all as you can see I've drawn an Island, which is meant to represent the wonderful Islands of Samoa. Mainly because I'm 3/4 samoan, from both my Mum and Dad.

Then I've drawn the Irish Clover or as most people know it as, a Shamrock. Its meant to represent my Irish side,from my Mum's dad whom was born and grew up in Dublin, Ireland. Sadly I’ve never really acknowledged being part Irish, mostly because I grew up with only 1 grandfather who was part Samoan, German. After realising and finding out a lot more about my culture I now that I should be proud of being Samoan and Irish because it’s who I am.

In conclusion I’ve learnt that before getting a tattoo it’s something to really think about, because it’s permanent, and its something you don’t want to jump to conclusions because it maybe something you’ll regret. I’ve also learnt that not all people get tattoos for cosmetic reasons, they mainly get them to either have a constant reminder of something or someone that’s very close to their heart.

The Samoan Pe'a - Mr.Tele'a

Lately in extension, we've been learning about symbols, the meanings behind tattoo's, and the Samoan Tatau or as most people know it as the Pe'a. While we were learning about symbolism and the Samoan Tatau, I realised that most tattoos aren't just for cosmetic reasons. Most are to have a constant reminder of a loved one.
After researching and finding out on what a Tatau is we were then lucky enough to have Mr.Tele'a come in and show us his very own. We asked him several questions relating to his Pe'a. He explained what the Pe'a meant to him, how unbearable the pain was, the meaning behind it, and how long it took to complete. 

During his long and painful process Mr.Tele'a said that his parents took a big part of this. He explained that when he considered getting the Tatau his parents were very proud. He also said that the reason on why he got his Pe'a was because his older brother asked him to be his So'a (partner), and because he had already been thinking about it that made up his mind.

 One of the parts in the Pe'a that we had a look at was The Va'a. It's a 20 - 30cm black strip across the back of the body ending near the front of the armpits with two sharp arrow heads. The two long black strips are meant to represent family, and the sharp arrow heads representing protection. 

We were then given a mini project, to create/design our own tattoo's. One would symbolise any one part of our culture or heritage and the other had to represent ourselves. Right now, I'm currently designing my tattoo's and finding out a little bit more on what designs I can incorporate into my design. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Camp Marsden

 About two weeks ago the year 8’s went to Marsden Bay Christian Camp. We had 4 days of amazing fun but we all knew it would eventually have to come to an end. Over the days we spent at Camp we were spoiled with lots of activities such as Volleyball, Archery, the flying fox, the water slide, kayaking, fire pit cooking challenge, Frisbee golf, Waiwera, and last but not least the confidences course.

Overall I mostly enjoyed everything at camp, but the best parts would probably have to be hanging out with my friends and doing things with the whole of the year 8’s. Everything at camp was enjoyable because basically all of the activities were in groups.

The least favorite day of mine was probably day 1. After a long drive from Auckland we finally arrived at Langs beach where we would go for a nice walk that Ms. Squires kindly planned. Unfortunately to due to the weather that didn’t happened, the track was very slippery, causing a lot of slips and tumbles. But in the end it was quite fun.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Tangled Pattern

Coming together, to make a tangled art was our first task that was given. The whole idea of making this piece of art was to get Whanau Panuba (classes 1 & 5) to collaborate and work together as a team. This tangled art was split into separate pieces. Everyone was given their own piece of the puzzle, to design, color and complete.

A tangled pattern is 62 separate pieces of paper that are woven together. Each piece with a different design, with its own meaning. It's repeatedly woven under over under over. Its a piece of artwork that has no beginning and no end, kind of like a circle.

Creating your art piece first starts out with planning. Before you decide on what you are going to create, you must research. To me planning was one of the main steps that most definitely wasn’t rushed.

Once you've done a bit of research and made a final decision on your design, draw your pattern onto a draft paper. When you're happy with your draft copy,  do the same but  onto your final piece of paper. A good thing to keep in mind is different/unique patterns look better, but are much more harder to draw, so sometimes it’s good to keep it simple.

And finally the fun part! When it comes to coloring make sure to use nice bold colors that stand out, it makes a big difference. Also outlining your patterns before filling them in make it much more easier.

After filling your patterns in with colors, make sure to label each piece so when it comes to putting everything together you know where each pattern goes. Finally after all that hard work its now time to put everything together.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My Avatar

In our classroom ( Whanau Panuba, Classes 1 & 5) have a self management levelling board. On our board we have to choose between 3 levels, depending on how well we're able to manage ourselves and stay on task. Level 1 - I need help managing myself. Level 2 - I'm able to manage myself but can get off task and Level 3 - I am able to manage myself inside and outside the classroom.

We not only had to recreate our avatar but we also had to incorporate our house colour in some way. As yu can obviously see I'm in Taki-Timu. I've leveled myself at level 3, because I know I'm able to stay on task without the teacher reminding me, and I'm able to work efficiently with anyone. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Term 4 Day 1

Although I started term 4 off a little late, so far so good, As I walked into my class, to me it was totally different. It seemed like everything had changed, yet again. After finding out that Class 1 and Class 5 had merged to make one big class, I realized that we no longer would have just 2 but 3 teachers. 

This big change is not only a good way to start off the term but is also a good way to end a good year. Hopefully everyone adapt to this big change and is able to get along. Fingers crossed this term turns out as planned.                          

Monday, September 1, 2014

Storyline Festival

Last week, on Thursday the Year 6, 7 & 8 extension group went to the Storyline's festival which was pretty awesome. Out of all four authors I really enjoyed listening to Paula Green and Juliette Mclver. 

 I liked listening to these two authors because they interacted with the audience well. The way Juliette presented her stories were really funny, interesting, and creative. Paula Green was more of the bubbly type, she liked to rhyme a lot in her stories, she was more out there. 

If I were to share my story's with other kids I'd present it to them in a song or either act it out. Mostly because kids like music, and that's what I mostly enjoyed at last years Storyline Festival. I'd also really interact, and get the audience involved. 

These two authors really did inspire me not only to have my own style but to also explore and take all opportunity's I get. 

Last year at the Storyline's Festival I think it was more enjoyable because the authors were more interesting because they all presented in a different way. They all had there own style. A big thanks to all four authors, I'm sure everyone really enjoyed listening to your stories, keep doing what your doing!