Monday, September 16, 2013

Celebrating 13th Jordan's Birthday

Last week we celebrated my cousin Jordan's 13th Birthday. It was held at my Nana and Papa's house @ 1:00pm with my cousins. I was so overwhelmed and excited to have a nice lunch with all my immediate family and cousins .

Arriving at my Nana and Papa's  we walked in and hugged Jordan. He was so happy and excited and just couldn't wait to eat (THE TRUTH). For lunch we had Nachos, Spring Rolls, Wedges, and Chicken Nibbles. Finally we got to eat, we then all sat on the table and each had something nice to say about Jordan. We then sang the Happy Birthday song and then ate.

We then waited a while to have dessert, so then we went outside and played around. It was a mixture of games really, we just basically made it all up. First it was Basketball on our little area, then touch, and then it ended up to be pass the ball bounce it then try. It was such an exciting game that we never really knew what it was. 

After that we headed into the house and sang the song in English and Samoan. After that I had a flashback of all the memories we shared together. It reminded me of all our fifth birthdays and how cute and little we were but then now...... I've realized we've changed so much. 

I've got to say it probably was the best birthday of the year. Just because everyone was there and there was just no drama going on at all. Happy Birthday Jordan!! Enjoy being young because this the only time you'll have fun. Hopefully you enjoy the many more years to come!