Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Cyclone Lusi

Due to the torrential rains and horrendous conditions, the Polyfest and other events were forced to be postponed or cancelled. Numerous reports have been broadcasted all over NZ, making sure we prepare for the worst. Newspaper articles have come in informing us that cyclones normally only last up to 2 - 3 hours but Lusi stayed for at least 2 days.

Shortly after 9:00am power outages began. Because of the severe weather conditions trees were blown over cutting power lines, causing the power outage. With no electricity in Remuera, families were forced to live with little resources they had. A tree also hit a family home causing really bad damage to the house and all the family’s belongings.

Cyclone Lusi not only hit NZ but also hit Vanuatu and caused death to 3 people, an infant that got washed away by the flood-waters, and 2 elderly people who were struck unexpectedly by trees caused by the horrifying winds. As well as 3 people dying, one person has been badly injured and 6 people including 3 little kids reported missing.

As people prepared for Cyclone Lusi the weather in New Zealand was weirdly calm by the time it reached Glen Innes. To many people’s surprise, nothing big really happened besides it being very windy with little showers of rain. In my experience nothing big really happened that you could call a storm.

Monday, March 17, 2014

New Zealand Soldier Diary

Thursday 5th August 1899 - South Africa, Veldt
4:00am was the wakeup call, making sure we were  always ready for another exhausting day. Food here is four times the price than it is at home. With the loss of 2 toes, I’m unable to walk properly. Sleeping here is impossible, as I try to sleep at the same time we have to worry about being ambushed of killed..

Conditions in South Africa are very harsh, many of our soldiers have been killed or have been injured very badly. My trench foot it getting worse, the pain is gaining and I’m starting to get an infection covering my entire arm.

I hope that the queen is happy, now that I'm serving as a Nz Soldier. One thing I don't really understand is why Richard Sedan sent us here? Everyday I worry about mom, her condition was very bad when I left her at home, hopefully she'll be there when I get back. 

Anyways my main concern right now is 12 year old Peter Doyle, he has already lost one  arm and badly injured both of his legs,and is sadly near death. I can’t wait till this is all over.I’ll be able to see all of my family again, eat proper food had have a nice warm shower. That’s one thing that will keep me motivated. 


Friday, March 14, 2014

Bio Poem

Hilarious, Tall, Crazy Fun, Clumsy
Child of Mena & Mark, Sister of Caleb, Kane
Who loves Music, Volleyball, Thunderstorms and Dramatic Conversations
Who feels energetic whenever there's good weather, always is in the mood to smile, always happy around friends and who can never stop laughing.
Who dislikes over dramatic people, backstabber's, eating cold toast, and immature people
Who wants to go back to Waitangi, visit Greece, Rio, Italy, London, Alaska, and U.S.A
Who wishes she could've met her Grandpa, Nelson Mandela, Paul Walker, Ancestors
Who is scared of falling off high things, serial killers
Who dreams of surviving a zombie apocalypse and somehow changing the world
Who is determined to train to get fit, become a soldier and then serve her country
Who values family, friends and treasured gifts
Who is proud of where she comes from, and family
Who graduated from Year 7 and now is a  Year 8
Who lives in Auckland, New Zealand but is truly going to live in Greece

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Maths DLO

For the past few weeks the Dodecahedron's have been working on statistics. Here's my D.L.O I've create to show you the meaning of these words.
Here is a site for some questions you can answer: IXL Maths Site

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Class 1's New Class

Class 1's New Class in Being Built and is already nearly finished!

As you can see the builders have built Class 1's new class really quickly. It's really coming along and will definitely be built before the start of Term 2. I can't wait for it to be ready to use and enjoy!

Monday, March 3, 2014


Empathy is when someone shows that they care for others by helping them out with their problems. Putting yourself in other peoples shoes,relating with them and seeing things from their point of view is empathy. E.g A new kid started school and was sitting alone.
Sympathy is when you care for someone but don’t care enough to do something about it.

Turning your feelings into actions basically describes empathy. By doing simple things like asking them questions,showing that you care for them, or relating to their problems with them can really make them open up.

For me I think that Empathy is a really important thing to show because without Empathy the world would be a mess. Peoples feelings and actions would be all over the place and most people wouldn't  feel included and cared for. That’s why I think It’s important to show empathy because everyone has the right to feel happy and included.

Empathy can easily be shown just by asking simple and short questions. E.G:  As I was running home I spotted a young girl crying on the footpath. “ What’s Wrong?”. I asked. “ My Leg”. She replied. Looking down at her hands I saw that she had scraped her leg. I then  carried her home and told her parents to put a plaster on it.  

So there you have it, I’ve explained empathy and many different ways on how to show it. For me the dictionary doesn’t really give a good explanation on the word “Empathy”. But as I looked into it a lot more to me Empathy just simply means putting yourself in their shoes.