Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Immersion Assembly

As quickly as I could I sat down next to my friend to watch the performances.After waiting to see team 5 performance It started. All I could see were all the teachers in team 5 spraying Mrs. Nua's hair,and I heard her say, "Are you sure I came to the right salon?" Mr.Barks replied, "Yeah yeah you came to the right salon, trust me you did".
Then Mrs Lagitupu pulled out a variety of different cutting tools and I remember Mr.Harris had a carving knife but then he put it back on the table. He cut one hair off Mrs.Nua's head and they tried to dry her hair with a leaf The reason why like team 5 Is because I liked the rap.

My other favorite team was team 3 because of Miss Burns' big eyes. They were all dressed as mad scientists. Then all you could see was Miss Lavakula and Mrs Barks tossing a multitude of ingredients into a beaker and out popped some soap,(Miss Walters).Then out of nowhere Miss Lavakuala sang her rap to Baby, Baby, Wash your hands. After that they just picked up there bottles and started to spray water on us.Team three was so funny.

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