Monday, October 31, 2011

I Wonder What Our Theme Is ?

 Every term we have an Immersion Assembly, so that the teachers can tell us what the theme is for the term. We’ve had so many good themes. Spotting Mr Burt going to the stage I wondered what he was going to talk about because he was just wearing the Point England School uniform. He told us a story a story about  Maui and the big fish he caught  which became land. Suddenly Mr Burt announced that we were learning about space. I was happy!

Team 1’s  item was an interesting movie about the sun that keeps us warm.The movie was about them trying to find the sun and at the end they found it and celebrated.

 My best  item was Team 2 because they did a space rap. I said to myself, “Gosh this group is so awesome.” I was so fascinated by it. It had all the planets and had funny sentences. Mrs Tuala, Mrs She, Mrs Blake and Miss Glaze did the robot and I’ve got to say that they were so funny.

One item had a movie with amazing interesting facts about astronauts. It was how they eat and go to the toilet in space. Oh yeah and some facts about gravity. Did you know that astronauts wear a velcro  jacket which they use to stick their forks, spoons and knives  onto, plus of course their stuff they put their dinner in?

 Feeling happy that we were  learning about space I  jumped  up and down excitedly. I was so surprised that we were learning about space.

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