Monday, September 12, 2011


As soon  as the bell rang, I started jumping up and down. Screaming in a happy way I was so excited. I sprinted  inside ,then  quickly and nervously got changed into my Takitimu coloured T-Shirt.
   When I  got to the courts I sat down and after a few minutes we headed down to the reserve. Hearing the three words READY, SET, GO, I sprinted off keeping at one pace. Passing the bridge I  saw the 8 yr old girls just 2 minutes away from the little bridge .
    With senior kids cheering me  on it made me feel awesome.
  Reaching the 1k line  I had a very big smile. I started slowing down and so did my arms and legs. At that point I was walking. I was not happy so kept telling my self finish that race, finish that race, finish that race. With burning lungs I tiredly wanted to finish the race  off properly. So with a burst of speed I sprinted tiredly to the finish line.
My favorite part about cross country is the running, but who knows I might hate it one day.

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  1. Hae I remember when I did cross country at Pt England it was honestly amazing I didn't want it to be over I wanted it to go on and on and on, I had fun when I was there and I hope you tried your best


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