Monday, November 7, 2011

Making Comets With Ice Cream

Eagerly waiting I heard , Mrs.Squires announce that we were making comets made out of ice-cream.Mrs Squires pulled out a mixed family pack of biscuits.She told us some facts on what we were going to use for the ice-cream  comet .

Suddenly with a shock of surprise we had to crush the biscuits with a thousands block and use that as dust and gas for the comet.Smashing and crushing the biscuits my hands started to get sore.Adding sprinkles to the biscuits Mrs Squires carefully mixed it together.Then there we had our comet dust .

Getting the  ice cream out,I heard my friend yell"yes its chocolate ice-cream".Scooping the freezing cold ice cream out off the scooper my hands felt like they were going to brake off.I quickly rolled my freezing cold ice cream that was the rock for the comet,in the crushed biscuits and sprinkles.

Running out side I saw my friend, Jonita had already finished her ice cream comet.I had sticky ice cream stuck to my hands so  I went and washed them.Finally at last I  got to enjoy my comet.Slurping  the smooth ice cold ice cream  the comet was delicious especially with different textures.

Luckily I got seconds.Pushing and shoving everyone wanted some more sprinkles and biscuits.We all had a good time making comets and I'm sure every one wants to do it again .It was so delicious.


  1. Hey Jorja,
    I like your story on the ice cream comets! They sounded very nice. Maybe you could check your spelling. I also liked how you used some great vocab. Come visit my blog!

  2. Hi Jorja. How fun to have this experience! Why didn't get to have a comet? : ) You've made me feel I didn't miss out on this fun time you've had - good writing! The only bit I missed is the tasting of the comet. Keep working hard Jorja.


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