Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Can you  ever guess how many kids came to my  school camp? Well there were 165 kids from year 5 to year 6 . We all had to squeeze into 56 tents in groups of 2’s and 3’s  on the Pt.England School field.

The thing I was mostly looking forward to  was Kayaking.When we went kayaking I went on a double with Jonita . One thing I learnt about Kayaking was if you go on a double you must always copy the person in front  of you , or your paddles will smash together.
I didn’t really enjoy Kayaking that much because I was cold.

I really enjoyed top town because it was something we could do as a team. The first thing we had to do was cross the swamp river with out getting eaten by the sharks.After that we had a little water fight.The aim of that game was to not get wet . Then It came to the last activity , we were given four puzzles that we had to solve and explain what our puzzle was then  who ever finished had to raise there flag. That meant they had won .

The Hilarious  thing at camp had to be me and my partner flipping of our kayak. We fell out because Jonita my partner was rocking the kayak then she reached down to get some water and then suddenly boom....... We were out of our kayak and we tryed  to climb on it but it kept flipping over, then finally we got back on.

   My goal I wanted to really achieve during camp was to be a good year 6 . I think I was a pretty good year 6 for the little year 5 . I know that because I was always listening to my leaders I  think!!

On the Last day of camp it was the best day of the whole week because we got to go to the  Lagoon Pools in Panmure . I felt so exhausted after having so much fun at camp.I love  year 5 and 6 camp , but too bad that was my second and last time I was going to that camp.

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