Monday, August 6, 2012

Mt.Wellington Semi Finals!!!!


           With excitement my mum, aunty and I made our way to Victoria Park for my brother Kane's semi final under 14's Rugby League. When we had arrived at the game it was about to start so we all had headed over to give my brother good luck.

      Using the strategy by passing the ball around unfortunately the team that was challenging against Mt.Wellington had scored a try. Trying their best Mt.Wellington tried and tried to score but they could not. They still didn't give up because they still had faith in them.

   Not giving up my brothers team had scored a try. So after that It was  a chance for him to get that ball over the goal post. Shouting " YES YES YES" the Mt.Wellington team supporters were glad for them and were very happy that they were in the lead.


   The game was not over yet.The crowd had calmed down as the other team had gotten closer and closer to the goal line. With angry faces the number 5 from the other team had been throwing punches at the number 16 from Mt. SO on the field there it was both teams having a fight. Calming down the 1 who had started it all had gotten sent off the field.

 Sorting it out the other team wasn't ready so happily Mt.Wellington scored a try. All the pressure was on my brother because that score had counted as a victory. Obviously my brother had scored and it was victory. The crowd of Mt.Wellington was going wild.

  Overall this game was very good to watch. SO now the Rugby League that was challenging Mt. lernt that you had to be ready at all times and be discipline.

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