Monday, July 8, 2013

Spoken Word

If you were to say something about the world what would it be?

Today Joshua Iosefo came to my literacy group and talked to us about spoken word. These are some of the things I learnt from him. Everyone's voice is valuable, there is absolutely no limit of writing and we are powerful.
This is some of the writing I have did during Joshua's time with us in class.

First of all Joshua had drawn something random on the board. We were to write about what we thought it was. He said it could be anything at all and so this is what I had wrote.
Scribble On The Board
Random curving lines on the board.  Almost looking like a ribbon with a tiny hash-tag on the side of it.  He doesn't know what he was doing he just let his hand flow,  and the picture he draw actually turned out to be looking like SR#.  There must be a meaning for this!!!

Secondly we had to write about what we would like to tell the entire world. Something that is effecting us personally that we'd want the world to know about. 
Problems/ World  Peace

A lot of people should start to look after the world. E.G stop littering and fighting and start worrying about the important problems all over the world. Problems are being caused and people are being killed/hurt. Everyone has feelings, 1 small word had hurt someone a lot.

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