Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Writing Sample

After hours of traveling in the car we finally made it to our destination point, “ The Campgrounds of  Whananaki ”. Hopping out of the car I quickly set up my tent preparing myself for the many camp disasters to come.

As drips of sweat ran down it was the perfect time to get a tan, because there was literally nothing else to do. Unable to talk or move I laid patiently waiting for idea to pop into my head. Full of energy my cousin yelled excitingly “ EVERYONE GET UP AND PUT YOURS TOGS ON, WE'RE GOING TO THE SURF BEACH”.Excited and hypo I quickly rushed to my tent and popped on my togs. Arriving at the beach as fast I could dropped everything I had and hopped in the water.

As I was just about to dip my feet in the water, I spotted something big and brown. I thought I was hallucinating, but in that split second I heard yelling from a distance away “ GET OUT OF THE WATER SHARK,SHARK”. Frightened and shocked I leaped like a frog out of the water and ran as fast as I could.

Running up to my family to spread the news, no one believed me. To make sure that what I saw was a shark I sat on the beach for hours just waiting for it to return. Finally afters waiting for 3 hours I spotted it again. My family ran down to the beach, shocked and surprised everyones eyes bulged making them look like they had just got the beating. In shock my mum said to me “ WERE DEFINITELY NOT COMING HERE NEXT YEAR! ”.

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