Tuesday, May 27, 2014

School Girls Abducted

On April 15th over 300 school girls were announced missing by president Good-luck Jonathon. Over six weeks the government and military have been searching for them but had no luck. 57 girls were able to escape and return to their family's, but 276 still remain missing.

Devastating news has come in that a couple of the girls were thrown in a bush, and that 2 may have died by a snake bite. They were also forced to change from Christian to Islamic. But there is hope for them, the military located them, but don't want to go into action yet, encase Boko Haram and his team suspect something and hurt the girls. Until they come up with a plan a very good one the girls will still remain missing.

I think putting this out there and including the media is making a huge difference because a lot more people are finding out about and are more aware of the situation now, but nobody is doing anything about it besides saying #BringBackOurGirls which won’t help find the girls anytime soon. It's nice to see how many people care for those girls, hopefully they do something about it and find them as soon as possible. #BringBackOurGirls

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