Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Lone Survivor

Here is my writing sample that I've created in 40 minutes. Hopefully you enjoy reading it! I was unable to finish it but I will make sure to write part 2! PART 2 COMING SOON!!

“Nia Everdeen please come to the stage”. As she called my name my heart sank, I didn't know if I’d make it out alive. One by one kids were called to the stage as if we were chosen, each  lining up as if we were going to get executed. After the roll call had ended we were all able to say one last goodbye to our family’s then head back to the train. While  I was saying goodbye to my mother she whispered in my ear “ I’ll find you, we all will”.

Arriving at the train we all set up and prepared ourselves for who knows what! In the morning the train suddenly stopped. “ Laura’s orders, everyone get of the train! NOW!” said one of the tall security guard’s. Confused and scared everyone quickly hopped off the train, and there in-front of us was this huge tall black building, with a logo on it titled  “Deathly Hallows”. “ Well the name explains it!” said one the the girls.

After everyone had finished setting up their rooms everyone was then called down to a secret hideaway room.  Out of nowhere a lady dressed in red suddenly appeared. “ Hi my name is Laura, I’m your trainer. You will eat, sleep,train together when I tell you and obey my orders. Today we start training, each and everyone of you have an ability that’s why you were  specifically chosen, your parents were just hiding it from you.

Each and every day 6:00am was the wake up call, get ready and have breakfast but today was different. As I was heading to the training room I felt as if I was being followed. So I thought that I would check up on the other girls and boys. The rooms were empty, but there were drips of blood leading to the secret hideaway.

Just as I was about to walk into the room I saw dead bodies everywhere, everyone I trained with was dead. I was the lone survivor. As I was walking away I suddenly heard Laura’s voice. “Come here my darling”. Slowly turning around I saw Laura standing there with her hand behind her back, and blood dripping from her mouth. 


  1. Hi Jorja,
    I found your story very entertaining. I especially found it funny, how you used Everdeen as the last name. Good Job on this story!

    From Kaycee and Gloria

  2. Do I detect a hint of Hunger Games? - I like the way you hooked me in to keep reading. I hope you are going to write the next chapter.
    Mrs Nua


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