Thursday, August 7, 2014

Commonwealth Athlete

During the Commonwealth games I have chosen to follow Gemma Flynn throughout her journey of the commonwealth games. Born in Tauranga, New Zealand 1990 May 2nd Gemma grew up being the youngest and only child of Michelle and Rob Flynn.

In the 2014 commonwealth games Gemma will be competing in the Women's - Hockey Team. This years games will only be Gemmas second time competing in the commonwealth games. In the 2008 Beijing Olympics her team came 12th in the women's - hockey, and 4th in the 2012 Olympics. She has also won Gold, in the 2009 Womens Hockey Challenge competition which was held in Cape Town, South Africa. Hopefully this year Gemma and her team make us New Zealanders Proud!


  1. Gemma is the only girl in her family she has two brothers. She is also currently dating All Black captain Richie McCaw for the last year.

  2. This is pretty choice Jorja! It's Arizona here, I'm helping out in your class for the year. You're written some great stuff about Gemma Flynn. Tell us about why you like her? Is it because you like hockey too? She seems very interesting and I'd love to know more if you get the chance to write more about her.
    Looking forward to working with you and your blog throughout the year.
    Keep being amazing!
    Zona x


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