Monday, November 3, 2014

Tangled Pattern

Coming together, to make a tangled art was our first task that was given. The whole idea of making this piece of art was to get Whanau Panuba (classes 1 & 5) to collaborate and work together as a team. This tangled art was split into separate pieces. Everyone was given their own piece of the puzzle, to design, color and complete.

A tangled pattern is 62 separate pieces of paper that are woven together. Each piece with a different design, with its own meaning. It's repeatedly woven under over under over. Its a piece of artwork that has no beginning and no end, kind of like a circle.

Creating your art piece first starts out with planning. Before you decide on what you are going to create, you must research. To me planning was one of the main steps that most definitely wasn’t rushed.

Once you've done a bit of research and made a final decision on your design, draw your pattern onto a draft paper. When you're happy with your draft copy,  do the same but  onto your final piece of paper. A good thing to keep in mind is different/unique patterns look better, but are much more harder to draw, so sometimes it’s good to keep it simple.

And finally the fun part! When it comes to coloring make sure to use nice bold colors that stand out, it makes a big difference. Also outlining your patterns before filling them in make it much more easier.

After filling your patterns in with colors, make sure to label each piece so when it comes to putting everything together you know where each pattern goes. Finally after all that hard work its now time to put everything together.

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