Monday, December 1, 2014

The Samoan Pe'a - Mr.Tele'a

Lately in extension, we've been learning about symbols, the meanings behind tattoo's, and the Samoan Tatau or as most people know it as the Pe'a. While we were learning about symbolism and the Samoan Tatau, I realised that most tattoos aren't just for cosmetic reasons. Most are to have a constant reminder of a loved one.
After researching and finding out on what a Tatau is we were then lucky enough to have Mr.Tele'a come in and show us his very own. We asked him several questions relating to his Pe'a. He explained what the Pe'a meant to him, how unbearable the pain was, the meaning behind it, and how long it took to complete. 

During his long and painful process Mr.Tele'a said that his parents took a big part of this. He explained that when he considered getting the Tatau his parents were very proud. He also said that the reason on why he got his Pe'a was because his older brother asked him to be his So'a (partner), and because he had already been thinking about it that made up his mind.

 One of the parts in the Pe'a that we had a look at was The Va'a. It's a 20 - 30cm black strip across the back of the body ending near the front of the armpits with two sharp arrow heads. The two long black strips are meant to represent family, and the sharp arrow heads representing protection. 

We were then given a mini project, to create/design our own tattoo's. One would symbolise any one part of our culture or heritage and the other had to represent ourselves. Right now, I'm currently designing my tattoo's and finding out a little bit more on what designs I can incorporate into my design. 

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