Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Jorja's holiday

Packing my bag I got ready to go to Hot Water Beach in the Coramandel. Arriving at the campsite I helped my family put up our tent. It was hard because our tent was big and there were only three of us because my aunties, uncles,and cousins were putting up their tent. We were very hungry from the three hour drive.

Excitedly running to the beach my family and I started to dig a hole so we could sit in the warm water - that's why its called hot water beach.When I dipped my foot in, the water was warm. We first went at day then after that we went at night because that's when the water is warmest.

On Sunday, the day we were leaving, we were thinking about going to this beach called Hahai but then we didn't because of the traffic. I didn't want to go home.

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  1. Hi Jorja!
    You're holiday must've been REALLY cool. You really interested me when you said "Excitedly running to the beach.." It was very interesting. I hope you had fun there!



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