Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Earthquake again!

Shocked by the news , there was another earthquake in Christchurch that struck at 12:51, I hoped that my auntie’s friend’s mother was ok. I was scared.

When the news finished I went on YouTube and images to see how bad it was because I had missed most of the news.I t was so devastating. .I crossed my fingers.

Christchurch had had an earth quake in September. The earthquake that was on Wednesday was 6.3 magnitude and 5km-shallow which made it worse than the September one.

I feel sorry for the kids that lost there mum’s and dad’s. Especially for the people who are enjured and have no home.


  1. Hi Jorja,
    The Christchurch earthquake is REALLY sad. Your writing is great. I like how you used devistated and other interesting vocabulary.
    Keep it up!


  2. hi Jorja
    It looks like that you had fun at your brothers athletics how was it I hope that your brothers got something.


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