Friday, April 8, 2011

AwesomeTime at Skateland

With excitement I put on my rollerblades, but unfortunately while heading over to the rink I had a tremendous fall. As soon as I entered the rink I clutched on to Jay-lee. She taught me how to skate .

Suddenly I saw my whole team lining up for the limbo. I didn’t want to participate.I said to my self “I’m going to practice and practice. Coming out of nowhere Ramona said, “Jorja watch out I’m going to crash in to you.” Luckily I swerved around her.

Heading out of the rink to have a rest I heard Mr Marks shout, “We're having the racing competition”. When they lined up I shouted “ Go Jay-Lee”
I was happy because we got 30 more minutes to play then we headed over to play squash. I love skating.

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