Monday, April 11, 2011

Looking Forward To Seeing My Uncle In Hamilton

On the way to Hamilton I started to think about my uncle's dog called Billy. I miss that funny dog. My uncle has had probably five dogs that have been stolen. One of his dogs was like those ones that were on the toilet paper add-a Roly dog. He brought that dog over when it was my birthday.

Anyway arriving at Hamilton I saw Billy the funniest dog my uncle has ever had. Straight away I had a delicious bacon and egg sandwich . I said to my self "That was sure a yummy sandwich". Then we unloaded our car before it got too late. Falling back on to the bed I asked my auntie if i was sleeping in the nice comfy room then she said, "It's up to your Mum and your dad.

With sun shining in my eyes I woke up and I could smell freshly cooked bacon. I said to myself "Yummy in my tummy".As fast as I could I got up, brushed my teeth, had a shower, and then I got changed out of pajamas.
Running over to the table I saw my uncles dog Billy licking my brother's feet. I said to myself, " He's a funny dog". As soon as I finished my diner my aunty said "L,ets go shopping I said, "All right".

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