Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Interesting And Funny Weekend!!!

Jumping with excitement I overheard my mum and dad saying that we were going to have a  BIG family dinner!When we have big family dinners it’s not just a 7 people it’s like with like 11 people!!!! Now on with the story.

When  arriving at home from Pak’n Save my brothers and I cleaned up the house so that when the visitors come it’s clean.After cleaning I helped my mum with cooking.My mum and I cooked Roasted chicken with onion, peas, carrots, corn , gravy, and lastly my mum’s delicious poatato bake .

When all my family had arrived  , we sat down and watched  Ireland vs The All Blacks.Mostly everyone in my family went for the All Blacks , but I went for Ireland. When the game had finished dinner was ready.

Everyone sat down at the table and did the l prayer.When we had finished doing the prayer my dad said to everyone ”Well don’t just stand there dig in”.When I was sitting down on the table my little cousin Liliana who is 2 was watching me eating, so I asked her if she wanted something to eat and what do you know she was hungry!!

Finally after dinner more of my  cousins arrived.We were all bored so we played a game called Blinds Men Bluff.Ok so if you're wondering what Blinds Men Bluff is it is when you have a blindfold and you put it over someone's head so that they can’t see.So  that’s what my brother had to do.

Ok, so my brother said to everyone clearly  to not run around or move in the game , and to not throw anything .Unfortunately we didn’t listen , and that caused an accident. My silly cousin Natascha was on the bed trying to run away from my brother Caleb , my brother must have pushed her which made her push the window out which caused it to crack.My mum and dad said that we had learnt our lesson to never play in the rooms again.

At the end of the night I had learnt my lesson, but to tell the truth I really did enjoy myself. Every time my family come over I really enjoy it and always have fun.

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  1. You describe in such detail what it was like that I really feel like I was there watching. I knew something bad was going to happen in your lead up to the accident. Then the glass cracked I thought "Oh no!"
    To get the audience involved and engaged is a mark of good writing. Well done.
    We need to sort out where those spaces go after commas and full stops next.


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