Thursday, June 14, 2012

"My Van Gogh Replica"

Through the past week or so I have attempted  to paint Starry Night Over The Rhone  painted in 1888, by  Vincent Van Gogh. Replicating this painting  I  have tried to copy his style and techniques. Copying the painting I have used big bold brush strokes and dark colors.

Looking closely at my painting I see that I have  replicated my houses of Arles and the seashore quite well. Without my black outlines for my houses you can’t really see them  that is great . Making the houses look better I put brightly shining lights in the windows  and so it reflects on the seashore which makes the house’s look better.For the colors of the seashore, I have used a blue   which I darkened with brown.

The differences in my painting to Vincent’s  is basically my sky. I  had blue , yellow and darkened that with brown to make a dark gloomy sky . At the end it turned out to be greenish , blueish.  I  fix it up by putting  in a little bit of blue   and little flecks of white.

Vincent Van Gogh painted Starry Night Over The Rhone for a reason. I think he painted this because he was sad, and he wanted to take something off of his mind.Or maybe he was in the hospital and he saw the beautiful view , so he started painting.

In my painting I  am very happy with my lights that are reflecting on  the water .I am happy with it because I think its the right color, and its in the right place.The thing I am not  very happy with is my stars. Well it is the color, the yellow is too bright and their  too big.

Overall when I look at my painting I am proud because it is only my second time painting in Vincent Van Gogh's Style.

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  1. Hi Jorja I like your painting I hope I could paint like you but unfortunately my talent is something else I hope you will go further in the future and become an artist.


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