Tuesday, March 5, 2013

School Picnic!!

Guess What? Last Friday Pt England  had a very amazingly, awesome  SCHOOL PICNIC! As usual we had it at the Point England Reserve. Every year Pt England School go to the picnic so us students, Adults and teachers can bond more.

 As soon as I arrived I went straight to the beach. Making my way down to the beach I had seen that mostly everyone was making sand balls. You know what I did I made the smallest one you could ever imagine. A few minutes after that I made a clay ball and covered it in shells it was so beautiful, I was going to give to a teacher but as I was walking I dropped it.

 Suddenly out of no were I see a kite flying and zooming in the air. I went over to Mr. Barks and asked if  I could have a lesson of  flying the kite. Side to side the kite went as I held the string, suddenly the wind took control of the kite and started to make the kite do loops. Amazed and scared at the same time I handed the kite over  to Levi as soon as possible.

Unfortunately I forgot my togs at home on Friday so I watched everyone enjoy having a wonderful swim and doing big bombs of the rocks. As I made my way up the rock I saw that some of the people in my class were having a swim. Watching everyone jump of the rocks was putting me down so I made my exit.

Going to the picnic was a great decision I made. I think that Pt England School should never stop having picnics because everyone bonds more.  The feeling you get is amazing when you go to the picnic, its like everyone is family.


  1. Hi Jorja

    I liked your Story about the picnic, did you try out the kite?

    Kind Regards

    1. WOW!!
      Thanks Shayne for the amazingly long and detailed comment. As I told you in the 3rd paragraph I explained how I went and asked Mr.Barks if he could give me kite lessons. I enjoyed it ALOT but I got scared so I stopped.
      Sincerly From Jorja

  2. Hi Jorja,

    I really like your writing and it was pretty fun down at the beach. I really enjoy reading your writing.

  3. Thanks Faaao,
    Maybe when I have time I'll check out your writing on your blog.

    Sincerly From Jorja

  4. Hey Jorja I sure do miss having those picnics, and as I always say " What an amazing piece of writing " keep it up. You should never want to lose the ability to write amazing story's, it could get you a courers a journalist or other jobs that involve writing.

    Kind Regards


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