Monday, April 15, 2013

The Haunting

One fine day on Halloween Carla and Ashley (Olsen twins) wanted to go visited their grandma that had just past away without their parents knowing at a very young age of . No one really knew what happened to her.  They wanted to find a good time so it had had to be after school. 

As they made their way to the cemetery  they had to go through another  Haunted Cemetery that everyone had been talking about, because the gates that they always go through was locked. Scared and Terrified  they walked through the gates, but then suddenly.  Ashley Yells “CARLA LEAVE ME ALONE, STOP HITTING ME”. Carla Replied “ what are you talking about it wasn't me” Then Angrily Carla replied again don’t lie I saw a black shadow and you're the only person behind he”. Shocked by it, the girls ignored it and started to run for their life.

As fast as they could the girls ran, but as they were running  Ashley once more saw the black shadow. But this time it was running towards her, it was like it wanted to tell her something. Carla had no Idea on what to do so she went off to go find help. On the other Ashley was shocked, she had no idea on what was attacking her and didn't know what to do. Being brave Ashley stood up and spoke to the shadow and said” what are you and what do you want”. 

With shocked it replied “ I want to send you a message from your Nana”.
Having a short conversation about Carla’s grandmother’s death she understood on what the black shadow had told her.  It told her that her grandmother walked through thegraveyard the day she passed away. Carla replied in shock “ but how how did she die?” . “She was possessed by a very strong demon and her body was too weak so she died, that is the reason why she sent me to tell you and your sister to stay away from this very cemetery” said the black shadow.

From that day and forward Carla and her sister stayed away from the cemetery as much as they could.

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