Monday, August 19, 2013

Creative Strand Reflection - P.M.I

During the past 3 terms or so the senior block have been working on making movies. This week the theme was all about  "Love" we had to either make an MTV, a painting, story, or other things  that show  "Love"  in it's own way. 

* A Lot of movies had funny endings
* Need better costumes
* Using flashbacks
* There were a lot of good actors and singers
* Some of the footage got blurry
* Actors played other actor’s parts
* People used different angles in the movies
* Some of the shots were too long and boring
*  Facial expressions
* Movies were all interesting and all had a story to it
* Camera always shaking
* Some of the movies used some olden day type theme
* Good lip sinkers
* People talking and distractions in the background
* A Lot of well known songs were used

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