Friday, August 23, 2013

Cross Country: The Fight To The Finish Line

During the past few weeks Pt England School  have been training for the Cross Country run that we did yesterday. Each year we have a Cross Country run just like every other primary school/intermediate to see who are the top 3 runners of their year.Then the top 3 runners go through to inter-zones. Any-ways it all took place at 2:00pm on the field and reserve and finished at 3:00pm. 

Just before it was time to make our way to the hard courts we all made our way to the changing rooms and had something to eat.  Everyone represented their colours, Tainui (Blue), Takitimu (Yellow), Te Arawa (Red), and last but not least Mataatua (Green). Our run was about 3km but unfortunately the year eights run was just a little bit longer 3.5km.  

As I headed to the start line Mr. Burt instructed the Year 7 girls to take their place. After he demonstrated to us what and where we'd be running he told us to take our places at the start line. " On your marks, Get Set, GO". Mr Burt Yelled. We were of, zoom!!. As fast as we all could we raced, overlapping each other and shoving we all just wanted to get it over and done with.

At the end of the day the Cross Country run was really easier than I actually thought. After all our hard work of trying our best and pushing our self's to the limit it all payed of at the end. Hopefully next year the run is as fun as it was this year.  I think next year I am going to try improve on pushing myself a bit more so that next year I will improve a bit better.

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  1. Hey Jorja, I really love how you incorporated the emotions and feelings you felt. That is an awesome way to make your stories interesting. I'd love to see more of your stories.



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