Thursday, December 12, 2013

Action World

Last Friday the Year 7's went for a trip to "ACTION WORLD", a fun outdoor, activity adventure land for ages - WHO KNOWS! Luckily for the Year 8's they were also having fun at their end of year camp.

Arriving at action we all gathered into our own smalls groups of 6 - 12 and sat down. Listening to the instructors everyone took their shoes off and lined up. Our first activity was the rock climbing wall, this was the hardest of them all only because it was very slippery. Secondly we headed over to the Jungle bars, which included strength and good listening skills.

After we finished rotating around all the activity's at Action World we had a little munch. Later on the instructors let us have free play, when we could play on anything we wanted to have a try on. As we all had our last turns on the activity's we all then gathered and sat down in front of the Trapeze. The instructors then demonstrated a few moves, and flips on it and showed us which basic one we were to do.

From my own point of view the challenge that really scared me the most was probably the Jungle Swing. Why? Well I guess being high up in the air was pretty scary especially when you look down. Most of all I really enjoyed having a lot of turns on the Tightrope. Mostly because I was able to just take a few steps on the rope high up in the air without holding on to anything.

Hopefully that when you go to action world it is really fun for you and that you enjoy it.  It would be cool to go there next year as well as a class trip or for camp maybe.  I really hope that maybe next year we get another opportunity to visit action world and maybe next time I'll be able to accomplish everything. ESPECIALLY THE TRAPEZE!

                                                Jungle Bars - More Videos At Action World

Esther doing the Jungle Bars!


  1. Hi Jorja,
    It sound like that you had fun that day!!!
    What was your favourite thing there??
    I loved your nice and long story that you wrote.
    well done Jorja (keep up the good work)

    1. Hey Marama,
      I really did have fun at Action World. My favourite thing at Action World was probably The Jungle Bars because it was the most challenging. Hopefully you Yr 7's get to go Action World this year.


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