Monday, December 2, 2013

Top 3 Highlights Of The Year

As I look back  throughout the whole year I realised that my top 3 highlights would have to be:

Firstly is our trip to Waitangi. Why? It was the top highlight for me because we not got to look at images on the web of Waitangi but we got to see it all in real life. It was really fun because a lot of us came together as closer friends, and we go luxurious bedroom suites. The whole reason why I like our Waitangi trip though was mostly because we got to see Waitangi in real life and learn about our Tupuna/Ancestors. 

Secondly was being apart of the school production "Sixty The Quest". Why? Well I really liked both dances we learned and performed. Our first dance was our "LIght Dance". We were dressed in christmas lights  and dramatically dancing to a voiceover. Then our last and second dance was with a purple light. As we glowed in our handmade costumes we proudly dance swiftly. 

Last but not least is when we were doing harakeke with Ms.Tito. I really enjoyed doing harakeke because I learnt  a lot of skills and techniques on how to weave properly. I also learnt a few do's/don't while we were weaving, and  I definitely would love to do weaving again. 

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