Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Cyclone Lusi

Due to the torrential rains and horrendous conditions, the Polyfest and other events were forced to be postponed or cancelled. Numerous reports have been broadcasted all over NZ, making sure we prepare for the worst. Newspaper articles have come in informing us that cyclones normally only last up to 2 - 3 hours but Lusi stayed for at least 2 days.

Shortly after 9:00am power outages began. Because of the severe weather conditions trees were blown over cutting power lines, causing the power outage. With no electricity in Remuera, families were forced to live with little resources they had. A tree also hit a family home causing really bad damage to the house and all the family’s belongings.

Cyclone Lusi not only hit NZ but also hit Vanuatu and caused death to 3 people, an infant that got washed away by the flood-waters, and 2 elderly people who were struck unexpectedly by trees caused by the horrifying winds. As well as 3 people dying, one person has been badly injured and 6 people including 3 little kids reported missing.

As people prepared for Cyclone Lusi the weather in New Zealand was weirdly calm by the time it reached Glen Innes. To many people’s surprise, nothing big really happened besides it being very windy with little showers of rain. In my experience nothing big really happened that you could call a storm.


  1. That sounds like it was a very tragic event. However, I can not say that I am too unfamiliar with such weather where I live in Mobile Alabama. My name is Jenny Hinton and I am a student in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama. Because we live on the Gulf of Mexico, we are frequently subject to hurricanes. This is because the water in the gulf is so much warmer than it is in the Atlantic ocean that by the time a tropical storm reaches it it can literally triple in size. This allows for such tragedies like the breaking of the levies in New Orleans which led to countless deaths and loss of homes. You did a very impressive job of reporting on Cyclone Lusi, and I can relate to the strangeness that you must have felt when everyone is expecting the worst and receive so little compared to others. Weather is a crazy interesting phenomenon, and I would encourage you to research it further. Very good post.

  2. Jorja, my name is Chea Driver, and I'm a student at the University of South Alabama. I live in a coastal community located near the Gulf of Mexico. Like Jenny said, we do get hurricanes here. Fortunately, since I have been living in this area, we have not experienced a hurricane, but I am very familiar with them. Growing up, I lived farther inland, but we were still affected by hurricanes. Tornadoes and flooding were what we mostly worried about in those areas.
    You did fantastic job on this post! You have some other interesting posts as well. I'm going to read the one about empathy next. I also like the way you used different types of font for different posts. It makes your blog very visually appealing. Great job!


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