Friday, March 14, 2014

Bio Poem

Hilarious, Tall, Crazy Fun, Clumsy
Child of Mena & Mark, Sister of Caleb, Kane
Who loves Music, Volleyball, Thunderstorms and Dramatic Conversations
Who feels energetic whenever there's good weather, always is in the mood to smile, always happy around friends and who can never stop laughing.
Who dislikes over dramatic people, backstabber's, eating cold toast, and immature people
Who wants to go back to Waitangi, visit Greece, Rio, Italy, London, Alaska, and U.S.A
Who wishes she could've met her Grandpa, Nelson Mandela, Paul Walker, Ancestors
Who is scared of falling off high things, serial killers
Who dreams of surviving a zombie apocalypse and somehow changing the world
Who is determined to train to get fit, become a soldier and then serve her country
Who values family, friends and treasured gifts
Who is proud of where she comes from, and family
Who graduated from Year 7 and now is a  Year 8
Who lives in Auckland, New Zealand but is truly going to live in Greece

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  1. I loved reading this and finding out more about you and your ambitions Jorja. You most certainly are on track to have choices in the future.
    Mrs Nua


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