Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Fiafia Rehearsal

Today Class 1 were given the task to write a well detailed paragraph about Fiafia rehearsal's that took place yesterday. This is the paragraph I've written to show not tell what I was feeling as I was about to head on stage. Enjoy!

As Wyatt announced the Senior Samoan group, we all got in our lines ready to head on stage. Walking up on stage my stomach was suddenly filled with butterflies as I got into my starting position. Making a mistake and humiliating myself was all I could think about, but as I put my mixed emotions aside I gave it 100%. The music started my nerves faded, and my confidence emerged.


  1. Hey Jorja,

    Congratulations on a wonderful performance, you all put so much effort and enthuiasm into yor show, it will be talked about for a long time ahead.

    Something to look out for in your writing is to avoid repeating out yourself when it's not necessary, it will help your writing flow and make it even more enjoyable ro read.

    Keep writing :)

    Mr. Hutchings

  2. Hey Jorja,
    Congratulations on your performance, I bet you did well. I loved hearing about your rehearsal, I remember the time I was at Pt England and we were in the hall laughing and talking. I guess that all you need to do it not use repetition. But all the other stuff is fabulous. Great work Jorja keep up the good writing. :)


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